Summer Challenge
 IDEA #2
Hi All - I hope summer continues to be all that summer should be! Here is another great idea for a fun, easy project.

Win a donation to your favorite charity!! As an added incentive, we will hold a raffle for all projects submitted through August 31st 2012. If your project is selected, Ripple Kids will donate $50 to the charity identified in your project!

To be eligible, submit a project between now and August 31st, 2012; Total awards - 2 ($50 each); Charity must be a Nonprofit 501(c)3.

Idea #2 - Hold a school supply drive! 1 in 5 kids live in poverty and can't afford even the most basic school supplies. Join Do and Staples to collect school supplies for kids in your neighborhood and take them to a Staples store near you. Learn More

Here are some other cool links with more information about school supplies:

Volunteer Guide (supply collection ideas)
Donors Choose (supplies for teachers and kids)
Unicef  (buy school supplies to help the most impoverished schools)
More Cool Organizations

Do you have a favorite organization? Email us and let us know!

Want to support a different cause? Visit and use our 'Start a Ripple' tool on the homepage to find a cause close to your heart!

If you have a project - either locally in Orange County or nationally - and would like support from your fellow Ripple Kids, please reply to this email with the following information:

Project Title
Project Description

We'll rally the troops and even if distance prevents us from contributing to your specific drive, we can support the cause locally.

Happy Summer! Keep the ripple going! 

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