Ripple Kids Newsletter JUNE 2010
  2nd Quarter Service Topic:

Dear Members -

Summer is here already! For some,  vacations, work and crazy camp schedules will keep you and your family busy until school starts. Others may need ideas as to how to keep the kids busy and learning during the warm summer months.

Why not get them thinking about ways they can help others? There are lots of things that we can do as families to 'prime the pump' and empower our children to look outside of themselves to make a difference.

Whatever your summer brings, we hope it's a healthy, happy one.

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Bridget Belden
Founder and CEO
Ripple Kids, INC.

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How can YOU start a Ripple?
  • Take ACTion by completing a service project to help KIDS
  • LEARN more about organizations that are helping KIDS!
  • SUPPORT your peers who are helping KIDS!
  • SHARE the joy....encourage others to start a ripple by sharing what you've learned about helping others!

ACT: What Can You do to help KIDS?

Pick one of these EZ ways to get your ripple started:

Support Children's Education and Literacy

Volunteer to tutor or read with students at school, the YMCA or Boys & Girls Clubs

Collect books to donate to classrooms, after school programs or libraries

Raise money to support education and literacy programs for children

LEARN: About Organizations Helping KIDS

First Book - First Book provides new books to children in need addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy - access to books.

Richard's Rwanda Impuhwe -  RRI helps fund girls education in Rwanda, and was founded by Jessica when she was 11 - a great example of a Ripple Kid!

I Have a Dream Foundation - IHAD empowers children from low income communities by guaranteeing tuition support and skills development.

Jessica, 15, from WA is helping to educate girls in Rwanda. Learn More

Isabella, 8, from CA collected books for a school in Long Beach, CA. Learn More

Isobel, 11, from CA raised money for a school in Nairobi. Learn More

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter with your child. It doesn't take a lot to inspire and empower them to make a difference - you just did.
Keep the ripples going!

Bridget Belden
Founder and CEO
Ripple Kids, INC.

Blue Water Grill
Jessica, 15, founder of Richards Rwanda Impuhwe
in Rwanda
Learn More

Share: Little Ripples

'A school classroom is a classroom no matter where in the world you are. You still need supplies like paper, crayons, pencils, pens, and rulers.'
Trips, 8, from CA

This email was written and generously donated by Alii Goedecke. Alii is the author/illustrator of
One Fun Thing and

co-founder of Party Pepper Uppers which bundles birthday party packages for children in need - because every child deserves a Happy Birthday! Visit
for more information

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