July 2012 
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We hope this note finds you continuing to do well and living your valued life. The article below by Dr. James Hudson, MD can help you maximize your ability to function.
  Tension Type Headaches 


The Incidence

This is the most common type of headache and studies indicate that in our lifetimes between 78% and 87% of us will have at least one episode of tension headaches.


The Cause

Unfortunately, because these headaches are so common and usually mild to moderate, very little research has been done as to their cause. In our headache clinic we find that Tension Type Headaches account for the majority of the patients we see with daily headaches, many of whom suffer from significant disability and a diminished quality of life because of them.


There are two main contributors to tension headaches:

  • The musculature of the head and neck which is influenced by our posture, activities where the neck muscles are active, and sometimes by clenching our jaw.
  • The nervous system: the more stressed we are from life events or even from our frequent headaches, the more tense the muscles of our head, neck and shoulders become.


At The Pain Center

Due to the high incidence of muscle tension, poor posture and stress, our headache program relies heavily on both physical therapy and pain psychologists. Physical therapy works to correct our posture, loosen our head and neck muscles and adjust our neck movements, and pain psychology teaches us how to relax our muscles and become more aware of all the ways we tense up during the day.


The whole team works together to strengthen your knowledge about your body and arm you with flare up management approaches to keep your headaches to a minimum.



News & Updates


discussing the importance of focusing on valued living while in pain and one of our graduate successes (from the WGVU Morning Show with Shelly Irwin).



More than the programs ...
At The Pain Center, all of our doctor's and therapists see patients outside of the programs. If you have a new injury, significant stressor, severe pain flare-up or need to adjust your home exercise program - come back to the team that you trust. We're happy to help.


Have a question about a flare up?
You are still a part of The Pain Center family. If you ever have a question, please give us a call at 616.233.3480 and we'd be happy to answer it.



Nicole DeHaan, PT
Physical Therapist 
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