October 2010 
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We hope this note finds you continuing to do well and living your valued life. The article below introduces our new Fibromyalgia Support Group, which we hope will help you continue pursuing your life values.
Support Group for Fibromyalgia
Pain, especially chronic pain, is an emotional condition as well as a physical sensation. It is a coupled experiece that affects thought, mood, and behavior.
The support of a group can be a turning point in the life of a person who is faced with the challenges of chronic pain. The purpose of the support group is to give each person a comfortable place to talk about how pain feels and how it makes life more difficult. We then explore ways to manage the pain and difficulties so that each person can feel "unstuck" and more confident and successful in moving forward toward chosen values and goals.
How will the group function?
Through professional leadership and group interaction with the focus on:
  1. The particular needs of group members
  2. The values and goals of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  3. Sources of difficulties in moving beyond pain
  4. Problem solving techniques to arrive at solutions and become "unstuck"
  5. Relevant information throught the group leader and other professionals from the fibromyalgia program and the community
Who will be leading the group?
Nancy Knauss MSW, BCD, LMFT
Nancy has worked as a clinical social worker/therapist in medical settings - the most recent in Advantage Health for over 17 years. Her skills are strong in working with the complexities of living with physical illness and pain along with the emotional issues and family interactions related to these issues. She has recently completed the ACT program for treatment of her own problems with fibromyalgia.
Every other Wednesday evening from 5-6:30pm; beginning on November 3. Dates include: 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15, 1/19, 2/2. A commitment to all dates is required for participation.
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
The Pain Center
1155 East Paris Ave, Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI  49546
How do I sign up?
Please contact Nina at the Pain Center if you have any additional questions or if you would like to sign up to attend this group.
Phone: (616)233-3480
News & Updates
Listen to the audio clips of Dr. O'Connor discussing the importance of focusing on valued living while in pain and one of our graduate successes (from the WGVU Morning Show with Shelly Irwin).
More than the programs ...
At The Pain Center, all of our doctor's and therapists see patients outside of the programs. If you have a new injury, significant stressor, severe pain flare-up or need to adjust your home exercise program - come back to the team that you trust. We're happy to help.
Have a question about a flare up?
You are still a part of The Pain Center family. If you ever have a question, please give us a call at 616.233.3480 and we'd be happy to answer it.

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Physical Therapist 
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