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February 2012  

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The Magic aerosol polish and cleaner is the most desired MagicAl product for its convenience and performance. Counter Top Magic goes beyond merely providing your marble and stone counter tops and tables with a clean shine, it also protects against harmful chemicals that are prone to spilling and damaging these areas. You can actually watch the residue dissipate within seconds! 



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I'm finding that a lot of clients are tired of their polished marble etching, looking unsightly, and having to spend the money to polish time and time again.

David and Branon went to Carson City a few weeks ago to the SFA (Stone Fabricators Alliance) workshop and learned how to take polished marble countertops to a leathered finish which is easier to maintain. Plus, when etches do arrise that need to be repaired it is only a one step process rather than the multi-step process required to repair a polished surface.With this new process you achieve a nice soft leathered look which will last a lot longer and is more durable. We are still testing due to the amount of different marbles on the market but this technique is a great way to go.

We have also figured out how to properly remove scratches from ES (Engineered Stones). The hard part about the ES is getting the proper shine and texture. We still don't like the darker ES materials as they are very difficult to work on and bring back. Everybody else at the workshop shares these same feeling regarding the darker engineered stones. Through our training at the Stone Fabricators Alliance we have improved our seam repair and flat polishing on granite through the discovery of better diamonds for the job.

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