Introducing the New Better Bio Solutions Line of Products! Now available at All Natural Stone in San Jose & Burlingame.

Better Bio Solutions is now up and running in San Jose, CA and we invite you to log on to our website and explore our line of environmentally friendly products.


David Bonasera is the new owner of Better Bio Solutions and we are pleased to introduce you to this new and improved product line. The products that you formerly knew as #199R, #179R and #149R have been renamed and reworked. We have changed all of the labeling, tech sheets and website as well.  Please take a moment to look at what is new and exciting about Better Bio Solutions. 


Intro to Better Bio
Intro to Better Bio
7 n One
Seven Products in One Bottle
7 n One staggered bottles
7 n One was formulated for use by professionals to safely remove grout haze from natural stone plus it has six other applications.
Product Benefits:
  • No VOCs
  • Oil and grime removal
  • Removal of old hard caulking
  • Aids in removal of lime and epoxy grout
  • Removes light calcium deposits on marble
  • Removal of drywall mud and construction debris
  • Removes smoke residue from limestone fireplaces
  • Environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable
Better Bio Solutions - 7 n 1 - Grout Haze
Problem Solved
Maximum Advantage Marble & Natural Stone Cleaner
Problem Solved staggered bottle
Problem Solved is unlike other cleaners and degreasers that allow residue and oils to redeposit on stone, tile and grout surfaces. Better Bio's Problem Solved breaks down unwanted residue and oils and then puts them in a colloidal solution for safe and efficient removal. This product is a safe, deep penetrating, bio-based liquid.
Product Benefits:
  • No VOCs, neutral pH
  • Saves money, time and effort
  • Great for after construction cleanup
  • A great heavy-duty all purpose cleaner
  • Removes efflorescence and grout haze safely
  • Removes stains caused by light lime deposits
  • Environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable 



Gentle Giant
Cleaner & Degreaser for Tile, Grout and Natural Stone 
Gentle Giant staggered bottles
Our tile and grout formula has been endorsed by the Ceramic Tile Institute of America, Inc.
Product Benefits:
  • Safe for degreasing stainless steel
  • Can deep clean waxed floors without stripping
  • Environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable
  • Safe for all natural stones including polished marble
  • Cuts through dirt, grease, mildew, mold and other difficult to remove residues with little effort



Clear Reflections
Glass Cleaner
Clear Reflections staggered bottles
Clear Reflections is strong enough to use on any reflective surface. It cuts through grime without streaking and is safe enough to use around any natural stone surface with damaging the stone or compromising the seal.  
Product Benefits:
  • Streak-free
  • Haze-free shine
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Fast cleanup the first time
  • A great all-purpose cleaner
  • Will not etch polished marble
  • Environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable
Better Bio Solutions - Clear Reflections Glass
Better Bio Solutions - Clear Reflections Glass

Hi, I'm David Bonasera and I am the owner of Better Bio Solutions. After 24 years in the stone and tile industry I have learned how to identify a great product when I see one and that is exactly why I have started this company. Gone are the days of exposing our clients and employees to dangerous chemicals because there wasn't an effective alternative on the market. I truly believe that "green" is the way of the future and we have created a line of amazing products for the stone and tile professional as well as the home based client.

We are in the process of establishing distributors across the United States. If you are looking for a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something that is 10 years ahead of the green movement give us a call and see what our products can do for you.

David Bonasera 


Better Bio Solutions


[email protected]