UWY two turbines
The wind shadow caused by the upstream turbine is apparent in this study of wake interaction between two wind turbines. CFD simulation performed using the HELIOS computational framework co-developed by Dept of Mechanical Engineering at University of Wyoming and Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate (AFDD) at NASA Ames. Data and computations by Jay Sitaraman at University of Wyoming.
CFD moving the wind energy industry forward

Harnessing wind energy and converting it into useable, affordable electricity is the ambitious objective of a rapidly growing industry, but achieving maximum energy generation at the lowest cost poses formidable engineering challenges. From wind turbine development and blade design, to aeroacoustics and site selection, effective use of CFD simulation is key to moving the wind energy industry forward.  


With extensive domain expertise in wind energy, a thorough understanding of industry challenges, and the advanced capabilities of FieldView, Intelligent Light has the knowledge and tools necessary to help wind energy engineering organizations create the highly productive CFD workflow required for success. Delve into the details in this white paper   

JAXA makes full rocket engine system analysis a reality

In a significant leap forward for rocket engine development, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has performed a high precision CFD analysis of a complete rocket engine system, with FieldView enabling the team to bring together dozens of subsystem models for the consolidated evaluation.


The LE-X is the first JAXA engine project to combine the thermal analysis of the flow-field plumes and the radiation from solid particles on the surfaces of the engine to establish the total heating rate for the engine. FieldView's proven post-processing power, along with its data management and visualization tools, were key to the project's success.

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