Feature Detection & Direct Volume Rendering In-Situ

 In-Situ Volume Rendering of a Temporal Mixing Layer as Simulated
using the LESLIE3D Code

This work was sponsored through a Phase II STTR by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Program Manager Dr. Fariba Fahroo, Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
Copyright Intelligent Light 2012.

This stunning image was produced via prototype software developed under a Phase II STTR contract from AFOSR that utilizes volume rendering with an Adaptive Transfer Function that permits training the visualization system to highlight flow features such as turbulent vortices. A Prediction-Correction based feature extractor then tracks and extracts the flow features and determines the statistics of features over time. A Python Interface Framework permits the flow solver and feature tracker to share memory (In-Situ operation), enabling tracking at high precision and avoiding the overhead of saving data to file.  


Now that the research phase is complete, Intelligent Light is seeking opportunities to apply the tools to CFD problems where understanding unsteady turbulent behavior is critical.

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Red Bull F1 win in Bahrain Moves Team Into Lead

In the most competitive start to the Formula 1 season in years, Red Bull stands atop the Constructions and Driver's Championship standings. There is a long road ahead in the season and all the teams will be pushing hard to improve the performance of their racecars.  Next race is in Spain on May 13.   

Legensky addresses workshop on future of aerospace CFD 

RIKEN Institute
The RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Kobe is the site of the K Computer, the first supercomputer to achieve a performance level of 10 petaflops, or 10 quadrillion calculations per second.

Three of Asia's most significant contributors to aerospace CFD were celebrated recently in Kobe, Japan, with an invitation-only workshop on the future of CFD and aerospace sciences. Professors Kozo Fujii (JAXA ISAS), Kazuhiro Nakahashi (Tohoku University/JAXA) and Jaw-Wen Yang (National Taiwan University) were recognized for the significant contributions each has made to aerospace CFD over the years, both in research and in mentoring students.  


Steve Legensky, founder and general manager of Intelligent Light, was one of a handful of foreign invitees at the workshop, and the only person representing post-processing. Drs. Fujii and Nakahashi have used FieldView extensively for many years, and Legensky credits both for providing valuable input to make FieldView a better product.  

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ASME Turbo Expo, June 11-15, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bring your CFD questions and challenges to our experts at Turbo Expo Booth 1612.


AIAA Applied Aerodynamics & Fluid Dynamics, June 25-28, New Orleans 

Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research, will present a paper "A Hybrid Vortex-Particle Method for Rotorcraft Applications.  Co-authors are Applied Research Group collaborators Chris P. Stone; Chris Hennes and Adrin Gharakhani.     


OpenFOAM Workshop, June 25-29, Darmstadt, Germany


International Conference on CFD (ICCFD7), July 9-13, Hawaii

Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, our Manager of Applied Research, will present a paper "IFDT - Intelligent In-Situ Feature Detection, Extraction, Tracking and Visualization for Turbulent Flow Simulations" co-authored by Dan Hiepler and Dr. Chris P. Stone, also of Intelligent Light.
FieldView 13: Proven Performance by the Numbers
The numbers don't lie -- FieldView 13continues to deliver dramatically increased performance with the latest 13.1 point release.
  • Up to 200 times faster dataset sampling and probing TryFV13 
  • Manage transient data 4-7 times faster  
  • 10 times faster streamline calculation 
  • Dozens of feature improvements driven by customers

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