FieldView XDBs changing the data management paradigm

Smaller, faster, simpler -- FieldView XDBs are boosting productivity and taming the big data monster for engineering and research groups. Customers around the world in motorsports, aerospace and internal combustion engine (ICE) design are reaping the benefits of faster and more convenient CFD workflows via XDBs.  Learn how an XDB-based workflow can benefit you with this free case study, Slashing Unsteady Data Size with XDB Workflows

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DOE taps Intelligent Light for Phase I SBIR project

Intelligent Light has been awarded a Phase I SBIR grant by the Department of Energy to bring DOE-developed ultra-scale visualization technology into the hands of the manufacturing community. The goal of the SBIR in this project is to support technologies that will help small and medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) employ HPC-enabled modeling and simulation technology.  Intelligent Light has been involved in several efforts to bring large scale CFD and HPC-based analysis to the 'missing middle'.  This SBIR grant provides support for a 'bridge' between today's CFD tools and the tera-scale analysis environment of tomorrow.  

AcuFieldView offers powerful post-processing for AcuSolve users

With Altair Engineering's release of AcuSolve V1.8b, AcuSolve users are gaining the latest power and productivity advancements of FieldView post-processing with AcuFieldView. This comprehensive OEM version provides support for up to 8-way parallel processing, saving time, utilizing available hardware, and exploiting AcuSolve's parallel capabilities by matching the power in post-processing.

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CD-adapco User Group Meeting, March 19-21, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Matthew N. Godo, FieldView product manager, will present the latest results of an ongoing bicycle wheel aerodynamics study that has taken the industry by storm. The data keeps getting bigger, and the results better. This update features a full frame analysis using STAR-CCM+ and cloud computing HPC resources from Dell Cloud Services. Get up to speed with the case study here.  


FieldView for CCM+ users 

FieldView for STAR-CD 3/4 users  


26th Annual HPCC Conference, March 26-28, Newport, Rhode Island

Demonstrating the value of HPC for small organizations, Steve M. Legensky, Intelligent Light founder and general manager, will present "HPC, Data Management, and Racing Bicycle Wheels" at this conference of the National High Performance Computer and Communications Council. This is a story of two 'missing middle' successes: Intelligent Light seeking to advance its FieldView CFD products for an HPC-centric engineering world, and Zipp Speed Weaponry, looking to engineer the most competitive products for their customers. 


ASME Turbo Expo, June 11-15, Copenhagen, Denmark


Bring your CFD questions and challenges to our experts at Turbo Expo Booth 1612.   


FieldView 13: Proven Performance by the Numbers
The numbers don't lie -- FieldView 13
continues to deliver dramatically increased performance with the latest 13.1 point release.
  • Up to 200 times faster dataset sampling and probing TryFV13 
  • Manage transient data 4-7 times faster  
  • 10 times faster streamline calculation 
  • Dozens of feature improvements driven by customers

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