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MNL 62, Handbook of Automotive Lubricants and Testing      



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Committee Week


October Committee Week    

Oct. 21-26, Atlanta, GA 


 November Committee Week   

Nov. 11-16, Atlanta, GA   


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Training Courses

Aviation Fuels
Oct. 23-25, Chicago, IL

Coal Chemistry Technicians
Oct. 24-25, Atlanta, GA

Corrosion Testing
Nov. 27-28, Atlanta, GA

Crude Oil
Nov. 12-14, Houston, TX

Diesel Fuels
Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Miami, FL

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
Nov. 13-14, Cocoa Beach, FL

Nov. 13-15, Savannah, GA

Phase I/Phase II
Environmental Site
Oct. 2-4, Columbus, OH

Oct. 16-18, ASTM HQ
Nov. 6-8, New Orleans, LA
Nov. 27-29, Las Vegas, NV

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Commercial Real Estate
Oct. 9-10, Newark, NJ
Oct. 23-24, Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 13-14, Elk Grove, IL

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Las Vegas, NV

Property Condition Assessments
Rubber Testing
Oct. 3-4, Akron, OH

Statistical Control Charts for Test Method Quality Assurance   


Online training courses in Spanish are available at EnginZone.

Spanish courses begin Oct. 15 and Dec. 10. Click here to see course listing and to register.  




HEADLINES...This month's top stories 

New Subcommittee on Sustainable Manufacturing   
ASTM Committee E60 on Sustainability has formed a new subcommittee to facilitate the development and use of sustainable manufacturing processes. Subcommittee E60.13 on Sustainable Manufacturing will hold its first meeting during October Committee Week in Atlanta, Ga. Sustainable manufacturing has become an ongoing topic of discussion across a wide range of industries. Consisting of processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and other natural resources, sustainable manufacturing also incorporates economically sound processes that are safe for employees, communities and consumers. E60.13 will develop standards that manufacturers can use to benchmark, assess, act on and communicate sustainability metrics, including standards for evaluating, improving and measuring gate-to-gate processes in the production of finished goods. [Full Story] 

Board of Directors Meets in London 
The ASTM International board of directors will hold its fall meeting Oct. 14-17 in London. In addition to the formal sessions, ASTM board members and staff will meet with the leadership of trade associations and corporations from the various industry sectors in which ASTM standards are globally influential: metals, consumer products, chemicals, building construction, manufacturing and more. Also planned is a workshop, Achieving Low Carbon Construction in Buildings - The Importance of Standards, which will be co-hosted by ASTM and the Royal Institute of British Architects on Oct 16. [Full Story]

Officers' Training Workshop Modules Available Online 
Another successful Officers' Training Workshop was held Sept. 11-12 at ASTM headquarters. The modules at the free workshop for committee officers, subcommittee chairs, technical contacts and others in leadership positions  focused on the ASTM standards development process and how to manage responsibilities within ASTM committees. If you were unable to attend but are interested in viewing the modules, the collection of presentations is available at
ASTM Seeks Papers for New Materials Journals  
ASTM is seeking original technical papers, review papers and technical notes for two new journals, Advances in Civil Engineering Materials (ACEM) and Materials Performance and Characterization (MPC). For more information about each journal's scope, editorial board and subscription options, visit   
Nominations are Invited for Dudley Medal 
Nominations of publications are invited for the Charles B. Dudley Medal Award, which honors an outstanding contribution that has a widely recognized impact on a particular field of ASTM interest and has been documented in ASTM literature, either in a paper or group of papers; a Special Technical Publication; a Data Series publication; or a manual, monograph, or computer software program. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2013. For more information visit,
Nominations for 2013 ASTM Board of Directors 
ASTM International has announced the candidates selected by the Society's Nominating Committee for election to the 2013 ASTM Board of Directors. They are: chairman of the board (one-year term), vice chairman (two-year term)  and six directors (three-year terms). Emails containing links to access the online ballot will be sent to all ASTM members. If you need a hard copy, contact Maureen Houck ( The deadline for receipt of all ballots is Dec. 1. Click here to view biographies of the nominees.  
Free Virtual Classroom for Members 
ASTM offers free one-hour online training courses for members. Upcoming courses are: New Member Orientation and Training (Oct. 4), Developing and Revising an ASTM Standard (Oct. 10, Nov. 7), Responsibilities for Task Group Chairs and Technical Contacts (Oct.  10), Balloting and Handling Negative Votes (Oct. 17, Nov. 29), WebEx Training (Oct. 17), Training on ASTM Online Tools (Oct. 31) and Interlaboratory Studies Program (Nov. 7). Visit the ASTM website to register. Available on-demand tutorials include Electronic Balloting and Identifying and Accelerating the Development of New Standards.  

committeenewsCOMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees


Crude Oils    

Committee G01 has approved a new standard that describes three methods for determining the corrosivity of crude oils. [Full Story]   



An ongoing study of biodegradation rates of polymers has resulted in a new Committee D20 standard for weight attrition of plastic materials in the marine environment by open system aquarium incubations. [Full Story]     


Oil Spill Response        

Committee F20 is developing a standard guide for evaluation of in-situ burning effectiveness. [Full Story]   



more3GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM Around the World    


ASTM Signs MOU With Standards Body of Papua New Guinea        
ASTM International has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the national standards body of Papua New Guinea. ASTM President James A. Thomas and Chey Scovell, chairman of the National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT), signed the agreement on Sept. 17. Scovell stated that NISIT is a "one-stop shop" for standardization activities in Papua New Guinea and stressed the positive impact that the MOU will have on NISIT and on standardization activities throughout the country. The MOU program is designed to encourage, increase and facilitate the participation of technical experts from around the world in the ASTM standards development process. Through MOU agreements, global national standards bodies reference, adopt, or use ASTM standards as the basis of their national standards. ASTM has signed 78 MOUs with national or regional standards bodies. Visit for more information. [Full Story]

China Delegations Visit ASTM Headquarters         
On Sept. 27, ASTM International conducted an orientation at ASTM headquarters for two delegations from China. The 38 delegates learned about ASTM, the standards development process and the application of ASTM standards by the U.S. federal government as well as in global markets. ASTM's relationship with various organizations in the People's Republic of China was also discussed. The delegates represented standards and measurement and testing technology institutes as well as quality and technical inspection bureaus in China that routinely use standards. The visit was initiated by APAE Executive Training Group (USA) Inc. and FCC Group International (USA) Inc.

ASTM in Colombia          
In September, ASTM staff and members attended the Colombian Association of Concrete Producers' (ASOCRETO) Reunión del Concreto (RC 2012) event in Cartagena, Colombia. The biennial event brings together top international representatives from the concrete industry to share experience and knowledge. During their time in Colombia, staff members also met with several organizations in Bogota, including the Instituto Colombiano de Normas Tecnicas y Certificación (ICONTEC) and the Colombia Green Building Council, to discuss participation in ASTM technical committees and new standards initiatives related to sustainability
and green building construction.

DID YOU KNOW? . . . Fire Safety and Prevention             


The National Fire Protection Association's annual Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 7-13. This year's theme, "Have 2 Ways Out!", focuses on the importance of fire escape planning and practice. Fire Prevention Week is a campaign held each year to keep the public informed about the importance of fire prevention and to remember the great Chicago fire in October 1871, which changed the way firefighters and public officials thought about fire safety. ASTM Committee E05 develops fire standards that address topics such as building construction, furnishing, transportation and combustibility and are an important part of fire safety. An online compilation, ASTM Fire Standards, provides 246 ASTM standards used in fire safety research and fire testing and engineering. In addition, ASTM offers fire-related training courses on flammability of apparel and children's sleepwear, fire tests for upholstered furniture, mattresses and bedding, and oxygen system fire hazards. And with smoking materials such as cigarettes and pipes listed as the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States, all 50 U.S. states have passed legislation that requires all cigarettes sold must adhere to an established fire safety performance standard that is based on ASTM E2187, Standard Test Method for Measuring the Ignition Strength of Cigarettes.




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