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October Committee Week    

Oct. 21-26, Atlanta, GA 


 November Committee Week   

Nov. 11-16, Atlanta, GA   


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Training Courses

Aviation Fuels
Sept. 11-13, Hartford, CT
Oct. 23-25, Elk Grove, IL

Coal Chemistry Technicians
Oct. 24-25, Atlanta, GA

Corrosion Testing
Sept. 18-19, Detroit, MI
Nov. 27-28, Atlanta, GA

Diesel Fuels
Sept. 25-27, Salt Lake City, UT
Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Miami, FL

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
Oct. 9-10, Denver, CO
Nov. 12-13, Cocoa Beach, FL

Sept. 25-27, San Antonio, TX
Nov. 13-15, Savannah, GA

Marine Fuels
Sept. 25-27, San Francisco, CA

Phase I/Phase II
Environmental Site
Sept. 18-20, Boston, MA

Oct. 2-4, Columbus, OH
Oct. 16-18, ASTM HQ
Nov. 6-8, New Orleans, LA
Nov. 27-29, Las Vegas, NV

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Commercial Real Estate
Sept. 25-26, Denver, CO
Oct. 9-10, Newark, NJ
Oct. 23-24, Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 13-14, Elk Grove, IL

Aug. 7-9, Boston, MA

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Las Vegas, NV

Property Condition Assessments
Rubber Testing
Oct. 3-4, Akron, OH

Statistical Control Charts for Test Method Quality Assurance   

La Corrosión y sus Métodos de Control


Control de la Corrosión Metálica Usando Pinturas 


Control de la Corrosión Usando Metales y Aleaciones 


Corrosión en la Industria del Petróleo y Gas 


Producción de Petróleo 


Tratamiento de Aguas de Formación 


Impacto Ambiental y Gestión de Residuos en la Actividad Petrolera

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HEADLINES...This month's top stories 

ASTM Will Hold Virtual Meeting for New Standards Activity on Rare Earth Minerals  
ASTM International, in support of recent public-private dialogue (particularly those hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy) on the management of rare earth minerals, will be hosting an organizational meeting for the establishment of a new ASTM standards activity on the topic. The free virtual meeting will be held Wednesday, Aug. 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST. Previous DOE-hosted events on rare earth minerals have highlighted three primary REM-related pillars: (1) developing new substitutes (material interchangeability); (2) diversifying the supply chain; and (3) reduction, recycling and reuse. Participants in those discussions have expressed a need to identify standards solutions for segments of the rare earth production process and life cycle. Click here to register for the virtual meeting. [Full Story] 
Rhode Island is First State to Enact Children's Jewelry Legislation Based on ASTM Standard 
The state of Rhode Island now requires that children's jewelry manufactured after Dec. 18, 2012, conform to the requirements of ASTM F2923-11, Specification for Consumer Product Safety for Children's Jewelry. The law, known as the Comprehensive Children's Jewelry Safety Act, notes that "children's jewelry means jewelry designed or intended primarily for use by children 12 years old or younger, to be worn as an item of personal ornamentation." ASTM F2923 establishes requirements and test methods for specified elements and certain mechanical hazards in children's jewelry, and includes recommendations for age labeling and warnings, guidelines for identifying the primary intended users of the jewelry and descriptions of numerous possible hazards posed by children's jewelry. [Full Story]    
ASTM F406 on Play Yards Basis of New Federal Safety Standard 
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved a new federal mandatory safety standard for play yards that incorporates provisions of ASTM F406, Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards. The effective date for the mandatory play yard standard is six months after the final rule is published in the Federal Register. According to the CPSC, there were more than 2,100 incidents reported involving play yards between November 2007 and December 2011, including 60 fatalities and 170 injuries. [Full Story]    
ASTM Seeks Submissions for Two New Materials Journals 
ASTM International is actively seeking submissions for two new online, peer-reviewed journals. Advances in Civil Engineering Materials publishes high quality articles on the properties and performance of materials such as concrete, asphalt, steel, polymers and polymeric composites, and wood for use in pavements, bridges and buildings, and other applications. Materials Performance and Characterization features articles on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the structure, processing, properties and performance of materials used in mechanical, transportation, aerospace, energy systems and medical devices. ASTM is seeking original technical papers, review papers and technical notes; 17 papers are now available. Click here for full information and online paper submittal.    

Pre-Register Until Sept. 4 for 2012 Officers' Training Workshop 
The 2012 ASTM International Officers' Training Workshop will be held Sept. 11-12 at ASTM headquarters. This free workshop features various modules on the ASTM standards development process and how to manage responsibilities within ASTM committees, and is a useful program for committee officers, subcommittee chairs, technical contacts and others in leadership positions. Online registration is now open. Click here to register and create your personal workshop schedule.

Free Virtual Classroom for Members 
ASTM offers free one-hour online training courses for members. Upcoming courses are: Balloting and Handling Negative Votes (Aug. 14), Interlaboratory Studies Program (Aug. 15), Roster Maintenance Training (Aug. 20), and New Member Orientation and Training (Aug. 23). Visit the ASTM website to register. Available on-demand tutorials include Electronic Balloting and Identifying and Accelerating the Development of New Standards. 

committeenewsCOMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees


Plastic Pipe 

All interested parties are welcome to participate in the development of a new Committee F17 standard on corrugated polyethylene pipe and fittings for mine heap leach pile aeration[Full Story]   


Cardiovascular Standards      

A new Committee F04 standard provides a needed methodology for determining the shelf life of various attributes of endovascular devices. [Full Story]  

Security Systems 

Committee F12 is developing a new test method for low speed barriers for errant vehicles. [Full Story]  


Silicon in Gasoline   
A new standard for determining the silicon content in gasoline and other products has been approved by Committee D02. [Full Story]    


Occupational Health and Safety   

The goal of a new Committee E34 standard is to aid in the selection of personal equipment that will best protect employees from hazards in the handling of flat glass. [Full Story]  


Building Evacuation
A new Committee E06 standard covers specifications, safety requirements, performance, design, practices, marking instructions and test methods for multi-story building external evacuation platform rescue systems. [Full Story]


Hot Isotatic Pressing
A general need in the steel industry for a standard defining the basic quality control requirements for hot isostatic pressing has led to a new Committee A01 practice.
[Full Story] 


A new Committee B05 standard will help ensure the accurate use of micrometers in the measurement of a type of steel sheet.
[Full Story]  


Green Roof Systems
Specifiers, blenders and users of lightweight growing media for green roof applications will be the primary users of a new E60 standard on vegetative (green) roof systems. [Full Story]  

Concrete Aggregates

Committee C09 is developing a standard that will be used to distinguish between harmful and non-harmful fines in construction aggregates. [Full Story]  

Highway Safety
A continuing interest among road authorities to improve highway safety has led to efforts to improve wet-night visibility of pavement markings and a new Committee E12 standard. [Full Story] 


Aromatic Hydrocarbons 
Two proposed Committee D16 standards will be used to find major impurities in purified terephthalic acid (PTA) products.
[Full Story]   

Protective Clothing 

Personal protective equipment manufacturers, material manufacturers and end users are encouraged to contribute to a new Committee F23 standard on measuring transmitted impact force on protective clothing. [Full Story]

Committee D35 is developing a new standard that will provide guidance for the installation and use of factory fabricated geomembrane panels at job sites.
[Full Story]

Road and Paving
A practice for adding materials like lime, fly ash, warm mix asphalt additives, rejuvenating agents, recycled asphalt pavement and recycled shingles to bituminous mixtures and binders is being developed by Committee D04.
[Full Story]



more3 GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM Around the World   


ASTM Signs MOUs With Moldova and Kuwait     
ASTM International has signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with the National Institute of Standardization and Metrology of the Republic of Moldova (INSM) and the Kuwait Public Authority for Industry (PAI). The MOU program is designed to encourage, increase and facilitate the participation of technical experts from around the world in the ASTM standards development process. Through MOU agreements, global national standards bodies reference, adopt, or use ASTM standards as the basis of their national standards for infrastructure, energy, health and safety, petroleum, the environment and more. ASTM has signed 77 MOUs with national or regional standards bodies. Click here to learn more. 

DID YOU KNOW? . . . Olympics and Standards            


The 2012 summer Olympic games are currently being held in London through Aug. 12. Millions around the world are watching athletes from their respective countries compete in more than 30 sports. Several of the sports featured in the Olympic games are covered in a variety of ASTM standards developed by Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities. There are ASTM standards and/or standards in development for archery, cycling, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, golf, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, track and field, and wrestling. These standards provide test methods, guides and specifications that address important safety factors like headgear, helmets and other face and body protective equipment; proper surfacing for mats, fields and courts; athletic footwear and more. May all of the 2012 athletes stay safe and injury-free and enjoy a successful summer Olympic games.   




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