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October Committee Week    

Oct. 21-26, Atlanta, GA 


November Committee Week   

Nov. 11-16, Atlanta, GA   


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Training Courses

Aviation Fuels
Sept. 11-13, Hartford, CT
Oct. 23-25, Elk Grove, IL

Coal Chemistry Technicians
Oct. 24-25, Atlanta, GA

Corrosion Testing
Sept. 18-19, Southgate, MI

Diesel Fuels
Sept. 25-27, Salt Lake City, UT
Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Miami, FL

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
Oct. 9-10, Denver, CO

Sept. 25-27, San Antonio, TX

Marine Fuels
Sept. 25-27, San Francisco, CA

Phase I/Phase II
Environmental Site
Sept. 18-20, Boston, MA

Oct. 2-4, Columbus, OH
Oct. 16-18, ASTM Headquarters

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Commercial Real Estate
Sept. 25-26, Denver, CO
Oct. 9-10, Newark, NJ
Oct. 23-24, Phoenix, AZ 

Aug. 7-9, Boston, MA

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Las Vegas, NV

Property Condition Assessments
Rubber Testing
Oct. 3-4, Akron, OH

Statistical Control Charts for Test Method Quality Assurance   
Oct. 10-11, ASTM Headquarters

La Corrosión y sus Métodos de Control


Control de la Corrosión Metálica Usando Pinturas 


Control de la Corrosión Usando Metales y Aleaciones 


Corrosión en la Industria del Petróleo y Gas 


Producción de Petróleo 


Tratamiento de Aguas de Formación 


Impacto Ambiental y Gestión de Residuos en la Actividad Petrolera

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HEADLINES...This month's top stories 

New ASTM Committee Supports Radiation Processing Industry 
ASTM International has announced that Subcommittee E10.01 on Radiation Processing: Dosimetry and Applications has been reorganized as Committee E61 on Radiation Processing. The new main committee will revise and maintain the existing E10.01 standards and will develop new standards that cover the entire irradiation process, from dosimetry selection to the analysis of routine processing results. Irradiating products dates back to the 1950s when the process was first used to sterilize medical devices. Irradiation is still used for this purpose, as well as to destroy pathogens in food and enhance the performance and appearance of materials such as polymer-based products, gemstones, automotive parts, inks used for printing and more. [Full Story] 

ASTM International Announces Two New Journals 
ASTM International is actively seeking submissions for two new online, peer-reviewed journals. Advances in Civil Engineering Materials publishes high quality articles on the properties and performance of materials such as concrete, asphalt, steel, polymers and polymeric composites, and wood for use in pavements, bridges and buildings, and other applications. Materials Performance and Characterization features articles on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the structure, processing, properties and performance of materials used in mechanical, transportation, aerospace, energy systems and medical devices. ASTM is seeking original technical papers, review papers and technical notes; the first papers are expected to be published online in late summer. Visit for full information and online paper submittal.    

Ten ASTM Water Standards Included in EPA Final Rule 
Ten standards developed by ASTM International Committee D19 on Water have been included in a final rule published in the Code of Federal Regulations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to approve methods for measuring regulated pollutants in wastewater. Many of the standards in the Methods Update Rule are either new or revised standards for the analysis of cyanides in water. Conventional cyanide methods used for compliance monitoring have historically been problematic due to interference issues. According to the EPA, the new and revised standards being added to 40 CFR 136, Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants, through the final rule "will provide increased flexibility to the regulated community and laboratories in their selection of analytical methods for use in Clean Water Act programs." [Full Story]         
Register for 2012 Officers' Training Workshop 
The 2012 ASTM International Officers' Training Workshop will be held Sept. 11-12 at ASTM headquarters. This free workshop is a useful program for committee officers, subcommittee chairs, technical contacts and others in leadership positions, and features various modules on the ASTM standards development process and how to manage responsibilities within ASTM committees. Online registration is now open. Click here to register and create your personal workshop schedule.
Results: 2011, The ASTM Annual Report 
2011 at ASTM International can be summed up in one word - results. Throughout the organization - from our members and staff to our customers around the world - there were solid advancements in ASTM programs and deliverables. Read all about ASTM's results from the past year in the 2011 Annual Report, posted in About ASTM section of the website. If you would like
a print copy of the 2011 Annual Report, contact Erin Brennan ( 

Free Virtual Classroom for Members 
ASTM offers free one-hour online training courses for members. Upcoming courses are: WebEx Training (July 10), ASTM Online Tools (July 11), Responsibilities for Task Group Chairs and Technical Contacts (July 12, Aug.  21), Balloting and Handling Negative Votes (Aug. 14), Interlaboratory Studies Program (Aug. 15), Roster Maintenance Training (Aug. 20), and New Member Orientation and Training (Aug. 23). Visit the ASTM website to register. Available on-demand tutorials include Electronic Balloting and Identifying and Accelerating the Development of New Standards. 
committeenewsCOMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees


Lacrosse Headgear    

At the request of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse in the United States, Committee F08 is developing a standard for headgear used in women's lacrosse. [Full Story]   



A proposed new Committee E55 standard will provide an important process to  

be used in the manufacture of protein-based drugs, such as antibodies and fusion proteins, made to inactivate retroviruses. [Full Story]  

Home Composting      

Committee D20 is developing a new standard for home composting of biodegradable plastics. [Full Story] 


Ethanol Fuel        
Committee D02's new standard on blending mid-level ethanol fuel blends for flexible-fuel vehicles with automotive spark-ignition engines will be used in the fuel distribution supply chain by terminals, marketers and retail station owners. [Full Story]   


Baby Monitors         
Committee F15 has developed a new standard in response to a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that seven deaths have resulted  

from infants strangling in monitor cords placed too close to a crib. [Full Story]   


Art Materials         
A new Committee D01 standard covers acrylic dispersion ground, a liquid applied as a coating to prepare surfaces for paint. [Full Story]

Eye Protection         
Committee F08 is working on a standard that will be used to test the propensity of athletic eye and face protection to fog during a sporting event. [Full Story]


Nickel Alloy Pipe
The creation of new nickel base alloys in pipe and tube forms, used in the oil  

and power industries, was the driving force behind a new B02 standard. [Full Story]

Homeland Security        
A proposed Committee E54 standard will provide planning guidance for helping those with disabilities in a disaster or emergency situation. [Full Story]  

Carbon-14 Sampling
A proposed Committee D19 standard will aid nuclear power plant operators in measuring the amount of radionuclide carbon-14 in their gaseous effluents.  

[Full Story] 


Road and Paving        
Buyers and sellers of road and paving materials will be the primary users of a proposed Committee D04 standard that will provide a process for resolving test result differences. [Full Story] 


Buried Pipe Coatings      
Committee D33 is developing a standard that will provide guidance for nuclear power plants seeking to repair or replace buried pipe coatings.
[Full Story] 


Carpet Adhesives      
A new Committee D14 standard provides a set of adhesive requirements that  

can be used throughout the floor covering industry. [Full Story] 


A proposed Committee E60 standard describes a method for calculating the length of time that a non-fuel mineral commodity can be extracted from its reserves and resources.
[Full Story]

Nondestructive Testing       
Committee E07's new standard describes the step-by-step process for analyzing nondestructive testing hit/miss data resulting from a probability of detection  examinations.
[Full Story]

Bias Equivalency       
Committee E11 is developing a standard guide to aid in testing for bias equivalency in the laboratory.
[Full Story]


Stormwater Treatment
Committee C27 is developing a standard that will provide a testing method for stormwater treatment products that use filtration as a primary treatment process. [Full Story] 


more3STUDENT NOTES . . . ASTM and Standards Education  


Washington Internships for Students of Engineering    
The Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) program is a paid 10-week summer internship in Washington, D.C., for outstanding third- or fourth-year engineering students. The participating students are selected through a nationwide competition. During the program, interns learn about the public policy process, including how government officials make decisions on complex technological issues and how engineers can contribute to legislative and regulatory public policy decisions. This year, ASTM is sponsoring a Clemson University student in the program. Learn more about the program's history and impact, as well as its participants and sponsors, in the latest NextGen column in SN.

ASTM Student Members Invited to Participate in ANSI Paper Competition      
The American National Standards Institute has announced its first student paper competition. The theme of the competition is "How Standards Facilitate Innovation and Benefit Society." Papers are sought seeking differing perspectives from a wide range of disciplines on how standards facilitate innovation and how society as a whole can benefit. All entries must be written by an enrolled college or university student at the associate, undergraduate, or graduate level, and entries are due Aug. 1. First, second and third place winners will receive cash prices. Click here for full information. For more on ASTM's free student membership and academic activities, visit

DID YOU KNOW? . . . Amusement Rides           


As amusement parks and attractions continue to entertain millions around the world, ASTM Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices is dedicated to promoting safe fun through standards. The committee has a membership of  more than 650 ride engineers and manufacturers, park owners and operators, inspectors and others from 25 countries. These members oversee 16 international standards that cover important safety topics for amusement rides, such as testing performance; quality, manufacture and construction; inspection; maintenance procedures; ownership and operation. ASTM F2291, Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices, is considered one of the most comprehensive standards for the amusement industry and provides designers, engineers, manufacturers, owners, and operators with criteria and references for use in designing amusement rides and devices or making a major modification to amusement rides or devices. Committee F24 has standards for all kinds of amusement attractions, including climbing walls and nets, go-karts, inflatables,   bumper boats and water slides, and is developing standards for newer popular attractions like zip lines and trampoline parks  



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