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October Committee Week 

Oct. 20-Nov. 4, Tampa, FL  


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Nov. 13-18, Tampa, FL  




 Training Courses

ASTM D3241 Heater Tube Rating Workshop
Sept. 20, Chicago, IL
Oct. 4, Conshohocken, PA
Oct. 25, Miami, FL

Aviation Fuels
July 26-28, Minneapolis, MN
Sept. 27-29, New Orleans, LA

Corrosion Testing
Sept. 20-21, Chicago, IL

Diesel Fuel
Sept. 27-29, San Francisco, CA
Oct. 25-27, Chicago, IL

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
Sept. 20-21, Cocoa Beach, FL

Flammability of Upholstered Furniture, Mattresses and Bedding
Oct. 26-27, Greensboro, NC

Flammability of Wearing Apparel
Oct. 25, Chicago, IL

Flammability of Children's Sleepwear
Oct. 26, Chicago, IL

Sept. 20-22, Sugar Grove, IL

Marine Fuels
Oct. 25-27, Seattle, WA

Phase I/Phase II
Environmental Site

Oct. 4-6, Baltimore, MD
Oct. 18-20, Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 25-27, Little Rock, AR

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Commercial Real Estate
Sept. 20-21, Boston, MA  Sept. 27-28, New Orleans, LA

Aug. 2-4, Chicago, IL

Property Condition Assessments
Oct. 18-19, Baltimore, MD

Risk Based Corrective Action at Petroleum Release Sites
Oct. 18-19, Lansing, MI

Rubber Testing
Oct. 5-6, Akron, OH






HEADLINES...This month's top stories 
New Edition of ASTM Aviation Fuel Standard Now Specifies for Bioderived Components 

Renewable fuels can now be blended with conventional commercial and military jet (or gas turbine) fuel through requirements in the newly issued edition of ASTM D7566-11, Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons. The revised standard was approved July 1, 2011. Through the new provisions included in ASTM D7566, up to 50 percent bioderived synthetic blending components can be added to conventional jet fuel. Aviation fuel producers, distributors, airport fuel farms and airlines in the global aviation community will use the standard to verify fuel quality and performance by testing to the D7566 specification requirements. [Full Story] 

ASTM Announces 2011 Graduate Scholarship Winners
ASTM International has announced that University of Arkansas student Santosh Narasimhachary and University of Southern California student Mark Blanchette are the recipients of the 2011 ASTM International Graduate Scholarship. The ASTM Graduate Scholarship rewards graduate students (master's or doctoral) who have demonstrated high levels of interest in or involvement with ASTM standards. For more information about ASTM International's student membership, scholarships and other academic activities, visit the Student and Professors section of the ASTM website[Full Story] 
August 31 is the Deadline for Nominations for Professor of the Year Award
The ASTM International Professor of the Year Award recognizes and rewards the contributions of educators in developing students' understanding of standards. Candidates for the award include professors and instructors at an accredited university worldwide who have demonstrated outstanding use of ASTM standards in their teaching. Cash awards will be given to the winning educator and their respective university. All nominations are due Aug. 31.  Click here to nominate a colleague today.
Free Online Member Training 
ASTM members can participate in free one-hour online training courses through the ASTM website. Upcoming courses are New Member Orientation and Training (July 13), Work Item Collaboration Training (July 14), Balloting and Handling Negative Votes (July 19), Developing and Revising an ASTM Standard (Aug. 9), ASTM Website Training (Aug. 17), and WebEx Training (Aug. 25). Visit the ASTM website to register.
committeenewsCOMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees

Plastic Piping  

A proposed new Committee F17 standard will provide minimum requirements for PVC gasketed sewer basins. [Full Story]  


Sensory Analysis    

Committee E18 is developing a standard for the tetrad testing method in sensory analysis. [Full Story]    


Homeland Security 

A new Committee E54 standard could be used for the detection of chemical weapon agent breakdown to identify the agent and ensure proper cleanup of an involved area in the wake of a chemical weapon attack. [Full Story]   


Steel Castings    

A new Committee A01 standard covers the inspection requirements agreed upon by the purchaser and producer of steel castings for the sample castings prior to production of an order. [Full Story]  

Road and Paving     

Committee D04 is working on a proposed moisture conditioning method for compacted asphalt samples that is both time-efficient and allows for the simulation of field conditions. [Full Story]  

Body Armor    

Committee D13 is developing a new standard for comparing the relative weights of different body armor designs used in the production of protective vests for law enforcement and correction personnel. [Full Story]  


Kinetic Parameters    

Committee E27 has developed a standard for evaluation of methods for determination of kinetic parameters by thermal analysis. [Full Story] 


Mold and Building Materials    

Committee G03 is working on a new standard that will allow for a mold-resistance rating to be given to specific building products designed for exterior applications. [Full Story]   


Pharmaceutical Packaging    

Committee D10 has completed a revision to its standard for user applied drug labels in anesthesiology and approved a new test method for measuring water vapor transmission rate of pharmaceutical bottle and blisters. [Full Story]  


Building Serviceability    

Topics covered in new proposed standards from Committee E06 include insulating concrete forms and flatness of floors. [Full Story]  


Hazardous Materials Packaging    

Committee D10 is developing a new standard that will, once approved, facilitate consistent test methods and more reproducible results in hazardous materials package testing. [Full Story] 


Architectural Coatings     

Committee D01 is developing a new standard that will provide a visual rating guideline on the degree of water beading that can be used without the need for precise imaging equipment. [Full Story]  


Search and Rescue     

Committee F32 is working on two new rope rescue standards for intermediate operations level and advanced technicians level. [Full Story]   


Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners     

A new Committee G01 standard will provide a method of testing corrosion-resistant fasteners and their performance in contact with treated wood. 

[Full Story]


more3GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM around the world 

El Salvador       

Anthony Fiorato, chairman of Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, presented a webinar on Concrete Durability to approximately 50 attendees from 13 countries in El Salvador in early June. Fiorato also presented a special Award of Appreciation to former ASTM board member Manuel Lascarro for his work in promoting ASTM International in Latin America at a meeting of the FIHP (Iberoamerican Federation of Ready-Mixed Concrete) Board, where Lascarro serves as executive secretary.     


APEC-ASEAN Conference on Green Building Will Be Held in Singapore in September       

A joint Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Association of Southeast Asian Nations conference, "Green Buildings and Green Growth: Approaches to Encouraging a Positive Green Building Climate," will be held Sept. 11-13 at the Building and Construction Authority Academy in Singapore. ASTM International and the U.S. Department of Commerce will be overseeing the event, which will bring together 24 economies and nearly 150 participants. The conference will provide a forum for public and private stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with green building in the Asia-Pacific region. Visit the global section of the ASTM website for more on APEC and ASTM.

more3DID YOU KNOW? . . .  Standard Swimming Pool Safety  

Swimming pools are the fastest and often the most entertaining way to beat the heat during the dog days of summer. July is a good month to remember how important safety precautions are for all swimming pools, especially those frequented by children. Several ASTM standards for swimming pool, spa and hot tub safety have been developed in the hopes of reducing unintentional drowning and other accidents. First off is ASTM F2518, which addresses the hazard of unintentional or unsupervised entry of young children into the water of pools, spas and hot tubs. Fences and alarms are often noted as important safety devices for pools. ASTM F1908 provides recommended minimum requirements for various types of fences for residential outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, while ASTM F2208 covers devices that provide for rapid and automatic detection and alarm in cases of unintentional, unsupervised or accidental entry of a child one year of age or older into the water of swimming pools or spas. For above ground portable pools, ASTM F2666 addresses hazards such as childhood drowning, sanitation, electrical safety, and entrapment for portable pools for residential use. While constant adult supervision remains the best way to keep children safe in swimming pools, ASTM standards are just another way to promote safety and prevent unnecessary accidents.

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