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Publications PUBLICATIONS 
New from ASTM

Environmental Site Characterization

Zirconium Production
and Technology:
The Kroll Papers

ASTM Standards for
Ready-Mixed Concrete 

ASTM Standards for
Protective Coating
Application and Inspection

Committee Weeks

October Committee Week
Oct. 10-15, San Antonio, TX

November Committee Week
Nov. 14-19, San Antonio, TX

December Committee Week

Dec. 5-10, New Orleans, LA

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 Exterior Building Walls
 Oct. 10-11, San Antonio, TX

 Product Category Rules for   Building Products
 Oct. 11, San Antonio, TX

 Oct. 12-14, San Antonio, TX
 Lead in Copper Alloys
 Oct. 13, San Antonio, TX

 Surface and Dermal Sampling
 Oct. 14-15, San Antonio, TX

 Medical Device Cleanliness
 Nov. 16, San Antonio, TX

 Spinal Implants
 Nov. 16, San Antonio, TX

 Grain Size Determination
 Nov. 17, San Antonio, TX

 Transition Toughness of    Inhomogeneous Materials
 Nov. 17, San Antonio, TX

 Creep-Fatigue Interactions
 Nov. 17-19, San Antonio, TX

 Nov. 18, San Antonio, TX

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Training Courses

 Aviation Fuels
 Oct. 26-28, Houston, TX

 Coal Chemistry Technicians
 Oct. 11-12, San Antonio, TX

 Corrosion Testing
 Oct. 26-27, Atlanta, GA

 Crude Oil
 Oct. 25-27, Houston, TX

 Diesel Fuel
 Nov. 16-18, Orlando, FL

 Fire Hazards in Oxygen
 Nov. 2-3, Orlando, FL

 Nov. 16-18, Baltimore, MD

 Marine Fuels
 Oct. 26-28, Stamford, CT

 Phase I/Phase II
 Environmental Site
 Oct. 19-21, Baltimore, MD
 Nov. 9-11, Dallas, TX
 Nov. 30-Dec. 2, San Diego, CA

 Phase I Environmental Site   Assessment, Commercial Real  Estate
 Oct. 19-20, New Orleans, LA
 Nov. 2-3, Phoenix, AZ
 Nov. 16-17, Fort Lauderdale, FL

 Oct. 5-7, Las Vegas, NV

 Property Condition
 Oct. 5-6, Baltimore, MD
 Nov. 9-10, Las Vegas, NV

 Regulatory Compliance for  Flammability of Upholstered  Furniture/Mattresses/Bedding
 Oct. 27-28, San Francisco, CA
 Nov. 17-18, Los Angeles, CA

 Risk Based Corrective Action, 
 Petroleum Release Sites
 Oct. 19-20, Lansing, MI

 Rubber Testing
 Oct. 5-6, Akron, OH

 Vapor Encroachment
 Screening on Property for
 Real Estate Transactions
 Oct. 19, San Francisco, CA
 Oct. 20, Los Angeles, CA

 Nov. 3, Miami, FL
 Nov. 17, Chicago, IL
 Nov. 23, Dallas, TX

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HEADLINES...This month's top stories
Modules from 2010 Officers' Training Workshop Available Online
Nearly 100 committee officers, subcommittee chairs and other members participated in the 2010 Officers' Training Workshop held at ASTM headquarters on Sept. 14-15. If you were unable to attend the workshop, or did attend but would like to share some of the modules or watch one again, you can do so on the ASTM website. Click here to download the presentations.
In this Month's SN...2011 ASTM Board of Directors Nominees
The latest issue of Standardization News features the biographical information of the nominees for the 2011 ASTM board of directors. The candidates selected by the ASTM Nominating Committee are for chairman of the board (one-year term); vice chairman (two-year term); and six directors (three-year terms). The election is administered through the ASTM website and the ballot will close on Dec. 3. Click here to see the 2011 nominees.
CommitteeNews COMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees

Light Vehicle Tires 
Committee F09 has developed a new standard after the U.S. Congress indicated the need for an aging test on light vehicle tires in the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act.  [Full Story]

Crude Oil 
Two new Committee D02 standards provide means to quantitatively determine the trace amounts of mercury in crude oils.  [Full Story]

Hand Sanitizers  
A new Committee E35 test method will be used to evaluate the antibacterial activity of hand sanitizers on the hands of human objects. 
[Full Story]

Committee F03's new standard will provide a test for measuring creep and compression that can be used for R&D and material comparisons.  [Full Story]

Committee D20's new standard covers the Resin Identification Code, which was established by the Society of the Plastics Industry to help sort different types of plastics.  [Full Story]

Sensory Evaluation 
Committee E18's proposed new standard will help consumer goods developers and manufacturers in the evaluation of their products to ensure product quality and consumer satisfaction[Full Story]

Zirconium Treatment   
A new Committee D01 standard will be used to measure the zirconium treatment weight or thickness applied to metal substrates by X-ray fluorescence. 
[Full Story]

Thermoplastic Elastomers 
Committee D11's new standard will provide a way to test production lots of thermoplastic elastomers in order to predict what physical properties will be imparted to final molded or extruded products. 
[Full Story]

Pavement Markings
Committee D04 has responded to an effort by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration to set national standards for minimum maintained retroreflectivity levels for pavement markings. 
[Full Story]

Committee D08 has developed a new standard to ensure quality and performance of self-adhesive roofing membranes.  [Full Story]

Prosthetic Devices 
A new Committee F04 standard covers static and dynamic characterization of motion-preserving lumbar total facet prostheses.  [Full Story]

Equestrian Surfaces 
An F08 subcommittee is seeking input from equestrian trackmen and horsemen who are interested in improving the performance, uniformity and safety of equestrian surfaces.  [Full Story]

Drying Speed of Pavement Paint 
Committee D01's new standard covers a method used to test the dry speed of waterborne pavement marking paints at elevated relative humidity.  [Full Story]

Committee F04 is developing two proposed standards that will be used in the field of arthroplasty.  [Full Story]

Emergency Medical Equipment
A proposed new standard from Committee F30 covers environmental performance of medical equipment for use on fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.  [Full Story]

Elliptical Equipment  
Committee F08 has approved two new standards on elliptical trainers. 
[Full Story]
More GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM around the world

ASTM staff and members attended the Colombian Association of Concrete Producers' (ASOCRETO) RC2010 event, which was held Sept. 22-24 in Cartagena, Colombia. The RC event, which is held every two years, brings together top international representatives from the concrete industry to share experience and knowledge. This year, ASTM was one of the sponsors. The ASTM representatives participated in various meetings related to international concrete and cement standards, and held a task group meeting on a new subcommittee within Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates on alkali silica reaction. ASTM staff also took the opportunity to meet with several organizations, agencies and universities in Colombia to discuss other standardization areas covered by ASTM, including green meetings, sustainability, construction, petroleum and amusement rides and attractions.

Liu Fei, ASTM's chief representative in China, made a presentation at the first annual China International Medical Devices Regulatory Forum (CIMDR), which was held Sept. 8-9 in Beijing, China. He spoke about ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices and their standards for cardiovascular and computer-aided orthopedic surgery. The State Food and Drug Administration of China includes the Center for Medical Devices Standardization Administration, which manages standards development for medical devices in China.

Also in China, Harv Voris, chair of Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities, gave a lecture at the head office of the Standards Administration of China's Technical Committee 291 on Sporting Goods in Beijing on Sept. 13. TC 291 is the Chinese technical committee equivalent to ASTM Committee F08. China is a major trading partner for U.S. manufacturers in the area of sporting goods and fitness equipment. 

 DID YOU KNOW? . . .  Organize Your Medical Information Monthmore3
October is "Organize your Medical Information Month." This monthlong awareness campaign is dedicated to learning how to acquire, understand, utilize and store pertinent medical information and knowledge, which can help individuals become more informed participants in their own medical care. ASTM E2369, Specification for Continuity of Care (CCR), a patient health summary standard intended to reduce medical errors and increase efficiency, provides a way to organize your medical records. With the CCR, individuals can create documents that include their health history and easily send the documents from one caregiver to another. The CCR includes information such as health status, details concerning insurance, advance directives, care documentation and the patient's care plan. There has been widespread industry adoption of the CCR, and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, has included ASTM E2369 as part of its formal certification criteria for electronic health record (EHR) technologies. Web-based health record services like Microsoft's HealthVault and Google Health already use the CCR standard in their programs. Both patients and physicians can benefit from the CCR standard. Organize your medical information this October with ASTM E2369.