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New from ASTM

ASTM Standards for
Ready-Mixed Concrete 

ASTM Standards for
Protective Coating
Application and Inspection

ASTM Standards for Determining Subsurface Hydraulic Properties and Groundwater Modeling

ASTM Standards for Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
Committee Weeks

October Committee Week
Oct. 10-15, San Antonio, TX

November Committee Week
Nov. 14-19, San Antonio, TX

December Committee Week

Dec. 5-10, New Orleans, LA

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 Exterior Building Walls
 Oct. 10-11, San Antonio, TX

 Product Category Rules for   Building Products
 Oct. 11, San Antonio, TX

 Oct. 12-14, San Antonio, TX
 Lead in Copper Alloys
 Oct. 13, San Antonio, TX

 Surface and Dermal Sampling
 Oct. 14-15, San Antonio, TX

 Medical Device Cleanliness
 Nov. 16, San Antonio, TX

 Spinal Implants
 Nov. 16, San Antonio, TX

 Grain Size Determination
 Nov. 17, San Antonio, TX

 Transition Toughness of    Inhomogeneous Materials
 Nov. 17, San Antonio, TX

 Creep-Fatigue Interactions
 Nov. 17-19, San Antonio, TX

 Nov. 18, San Antonio, TX

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Training Courses

 Aviation Fuels
 Oct. 26-28, Houston, TX

 Coal Chemistry Technicians
 Oct. 11-12, San Antonio, TX

 Corrosion Testing
 Sept. 21-22, Detroit, MI
 Oct. 26-27, Atlanta, GA

 Crude Oil
 Sept. 28-30, Singapore
 Oct. 25-27, Houston, TX

 Diesel Fuel
 Sept. 28-30, Denver, CO
 Nov. 16-18, Orlando, FL

 Fire Hazards in Oxygen
 Nov. 2-3, Orlando, FL

 Sept. 21-23 Houston, TX
 Nov. 16-18, Baltimore, MD

 Marine Fuels
 Oct. 26-28, Stamford, CT

 Phase I/Phase II   Environmental Site 
 Sept. 14-16, Columbus, OH
 Sept. 28-30, Kansas City, MO
 Oct. 19-21, Baltimore, MD
 Nov. 9-11, Dallas, TX

 Phase I Environmental Site   Assessment, Commercial Real  Estate
 Sept. 21-22, Conshohocken, PA
 Sept. 28-29, Chicago, IL
 Oct. 19-20, New Orleans, LA
 Nov. 2-3, Phoenix, AZ

 Oct. 5-7, Las Vegas, NV

 Property Condition
 Oct. 5-6, Baltimore, MD
 Nov. 9-10, Las Vegas, NV

 Risk Based Corrective Action, 
 Petroleum Release Sites
 Oct. 19-20, Lansing, MI

 Rubber Testing
 Oct. 5-6, Akron, OH

 Vapor Encroachment
 Screening on Property for
 Real Estate Transactions
 Sept. 24, Conshohocken, PA
 Oct. 19, San Francisco, CA
 Oct. 20, Los Angeles, CA

 Nov. 3, Miami, FL
 Nov. 17, Chicago, IL

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HeadlineHEADLINES...This month's top stories
New Tool for Creating ASTM Meeting Agendas
ASTM is offering a new electronic tool for subcommittee chairs and main committee officers to help streamline the planning and preparation of ASTM committee meetings.  The new menu item, "Create My Agenda," can be found in the "My ASTM/My Committees" area under "My Tools" on the ASTM website. Once you enter the subcommittee, meeting date, location and time, the tool will automatically compose your agenda with information like membership updates, ballot results, outstanding negatives, standards requiring review, etc.  The agenda will be created as a Microsoft Word document, so you can edit as needed.  Any questions or comments about this new tool should be directed to your staff manager.
2010 World Standards Day
ASTM International will once again participate in the U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day, which is sponsored by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The theme of this year's World Standards Day, which will be held on Sept. 23 in Washington, D.C., is "Standards for Accessibility," and will recognize the critical role of model codes, standards and conformity assessment activities in developing and maintaining the built environment, products, technologies and systems that are accessible for persons with special needs. World Standards Day pays tribute to the thousands of volunteers around the world who participate in standardization activities. For more, visit
In this Month's SN...Interlaboratory Study Design
In every issue of ASTM Standardization News, the DataPoints column offers answers to your questions about the use of statistics in ASTM test methods. In the September/October issue, read how one ASTM standard, E691, Standard Practice for Conducting an Interlaboratory Study to Determine the Precision of a Test Method, can benefit your interlaboratory study design.
Online Member Workshops
CommitteeNews COMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees

Truck and Bus Tires 
Committee F09 has developed a new standard that covers roadwheel test equivalency for truck and bus tires for specific road conditions. [Full Story]

Lead Paint
A new Committee F40 standard will provide a means to quickly detect and quantify the lead concentration in toys and other products used by children. [Full Story]

Children's Bikes   
A new standard from Committee F08 covers frames for Condition 0 bicycles, often called sidewalk bikes, which are designed for young children.
[Full Story]

Search and Rescue 
Two new F32 standards will contribute to the safety and efficiency of search and rescue operations.
[Full Story]

Green Roofs

Committee D08 is working on a new standard for an important aspect of developing vegetative, or green, roof systems.
[Full Story]

Baseball and Softball  
A new Committee F08 test method measures the stiffness and elasticity of baseballs and softballs and will be used by labs that certify balls and bats for regulating associations. [Full Story]

Committee E05 has approved two new standards for fire resistance experiments and furnace exposure. [Full Story]

Oil Spill Response Vessel 
All interested parties are invited to participate in the development of a new Committee F25
standard on the design, operation, inspection and maintenance of oil spill response vessels. [Full Story]

Aerospace Materials  
Committee E28's proposed new guide covers X-ray diffraction for stress measurement of aerospace bearing materials. [Full Story]

A new Committee C09 draft standard addresses bleed stability of cementitious grout under static pressure. [Full Story]

A new work item under development within C11 provides a test for strontium in gypsum.
[Full Story]

Committee D13's newest standard provides a comprehensive guide to a large variety of fibers used to manufacture many textile products.
[Full Story]

Grain Size  
A new standard from Committee E04 focuses on determination of average grain size using electron backscatter diffraction.
[Full Story]

Rock Abrasiveness  
D18's new standard will assist the civil and mining industries in quantifying rock abrasiveness properly and uniformly.
[Full Story]

Carbon Black  
A new D24 standard on carbon black carbon content was developed after the U.S. EPA mandated greenhouse gas reporting in the U.S. carbon black industry.
[Full Story]

More GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM around the world

Brazil Workshop

ASTM International participated in a Codes and Standards Workshop at the Rio Foreign Trade Chambers Federation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August.  The two-day workshop featured a review of the successful adoption and use of U.S.-based standards for oil and gas, and included information about globally accepted U.S.-based nuclear codes and standards and how Brazil's nuclear program could benefit from them. James Olshefsky, ASTM director of external relations, presented information about ASTM standards for petroleum and nuclear energy at the workshop. 

Asian Attraction Expo

Jim Seay, chairman of ASTM Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices, attended and delivered the opening educational session of the 2010 International Association of Amusement Parks (IAAPA) Asian Attraction Expo held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia in July.  Seay's presentation, which featured information about recent F24 standards and the new F24 subcommittee on Global Harmonization, was part of a daylong IAAPA Safety Institute, which brought together professionals from around the world to various locations to deliver a concentrated program on several aspects of safety in the amusement industry. [Full Story]

 DID YOU KNOW? . . .  Standards for the Sensesmore3
Many people know about ASTM standards for steel and concrete and petroleum and paint and toys, etc., but did you know that there are ASTM standards for your senses?  Have you ever thought about standards while drinking water or smelling Mom's apple pie, or while washing your hair or spraying on a dash of perfume or cologne? Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation has.  Formed in 1960, the committee has more than 30 standards on odor and taste, food and beverages, creams and lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners, household cleaning products and much more.  E18 standards also cover sensory applications and testing - a very important part of the sensory evaluation field. E18 standards are used by companies for product formulation, research guidance, claim substantiation and quality control.  The ASTM members who develop E18 standards include food, personal care, household care and environmental professionals. Ever wonder how hot that red pepper you are about to eat will feel? Check out E18's test method for sensory evaluation of red pepper heat. E18 sensory evaluation standards - yet another example of ASTM standards being a part of our everyday lives.