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Publications PUBLICATIONS 
New from ASTM

Committee Weeks

April Committee Week
April 18-23, St. Louis, MO

May Committee Week
May 16-21, St. Louis, MO

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Product Emissions Testing
April 19, St. Louis, MO

International Green Construction Code
April 19, St. Louis, MO

Antimicrobial Copper
April 21, St. Louis, MO

Sensory/Consumer Research
April 23, St. Louis, MO

Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry
May 9-13, Sichuan Province, China

Bone Grafts
May 18, St. Louis, MO

Knee Replacement Devices
May 18, St. Louis, MO

SRM/CRM Blending
May 18, St. Louis, MO

Fatigue Cracks
May 19, St. Louis, MO

Structural Life Forecasting
May 19, St. Louis, MO

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Training Courses

Aviation Fuels
April 27-29, Conshohocken, PA

Coal Chemistry Technician Training
May 19-20, St. Louis, MO

Corrosion Testing
April 13-14, Akron, OH

Diesel Fuels
April 20-22, New Orleans, LA

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
May 18-19, Conshohocken, PA

May 11-13, Las Vegas, NV

Marine Fuels
May 11-13, Miami, FL

Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
April 20-22, Phoenix, AZ
May 4-6, Austin, TX
May 11-13, Elk Grove Village, IL
June 15-17, Little Rock, AR

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for Commercial Real Estate
April 13-14, Orlando, FL
April 27-28, San Antonio, TX
May 11-12, Boston, MA
June 1-2, San Diego, CA

May 11-13, New Orleans, LA
June 8-10, Akron, OH

Property Condition Assessment
April 13-14, Phoenix, AZ
June 1-2, Conshohocken, PA

Regulatory Compliance for Flammability of Children's Sleepwear
April 15, New York, NY
May 19, Chicago, IL

Regulatory Compliance for Flammability of Upholstered Furniture/Mattresses/Bedding
May 4-5, Grand Rapids, MI
June 24-25, Conshohocken, PA

Regulatory Compliance for Flammability of Wearing Apparel
April 14, New York, NY
May 18, Chicago, IL

Risk-Based Corrective Action at Petroleum Release Sites
May 11-12, Lansing, MI

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HeadlineHEADLINES...This month's top stories
New ASTM Certificates of Attendance
ASTM members can now report their participation in ASTM technical committee meetings with the new Certificate of Attendance program. The self-reporting attendance form, which is available on the ASTM Web site, can assist meeting attendees with documentation for continuing education credits (CEU) or professional development hours (PDH). Once completed, attendees can bring the form to the ASTM Meeting Registration Desk for a Stamp of Approval. Click here to download a Certificate of Attendance form.
HeadlineHEADLINES...This month's top stories
Version 1.0 of International Green Construction Code Now Available   

The International Code Council recently announced the release of Public Version 1.0 of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC), and have posted a free, downloadable version on their Web site ( ASTM International, along with the American Institute of Architects, is an original Cooperating Sponsor of the IGCC. The IGCC is the first code to address regulation of green construction, providing a baseline that integrates with the I-Codes and addresses building performance along with resource conservation, construction and operations impacts, and water and quality issues. One of the versions posted is in a Word format, which allows users to participate in the Public Comment period, which runs through May 15 and will result in August hearings. Click here to download the IGCC Public Version 1.0.
ASTM Scholarships
The application deadline for the 2010 ASTM International Graduate Scholarship and the 2010 Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship is April 30. Visit the Student Awards section of the ASTM Web site for more information.
ASTM's Virtual Classroom
Eight free one-hour training workshops are available online for ASTM members. Visit the ASTM Web site to view course schedules.
CommitteeNews COMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees

Construction Productivity 
Committee E06's latest standard can be used to better measure construction productivity at three levels: task, project and industry.
[Full Story]

Plastic Piping 
A new Committee F17
standard offers a procedure for  leakage tests of polyethylene pressure piping systems with compressed gaseous testing media.
[Full Story]

3D Imaging Technology
Committee E57's new standard presents a practical approach to the safe operation of 3D imaging systems. [Full Story]

Nuclear Fuel Cycle 
A new test method from Committee C26 provides users with a means of streamlining tomographic gamma scanner procedures and practices. [Full Story]

Environmental Site Assessment
One of ASTM's most popular educational offerings, the E1527 Environmental Site Assessment Course, will soon be offered online for the first time. [Full Story]

Committee E35's proposed standard will be used to measure drift reduction performance of tank mix adjuvants designed to reduce spray drift during pesticide applications.
[Full Story]

Captive Animal Photography
An organizational Web meeting is being planned on the formation of a new ASTM activity regarding the development of captive animal photography and videography. [Full Story]

Surgical Materials
Committee F04 is developing a new standard that will create a uniform labeling system for implant manufacturers in the orthopedic industry.
[Full Story]

Creep Fatigue Testing
Primary users of Committee E08's new standard will include manufacturers and operators of equipment that runs at high temperatures.
[Full Story]

Polymer Reinforced Materials
Committee D30 has approved the latest in a series of standards that cover polymer reinforced composite materials used in the repair of concrete buildings and civil structures. [Full Story]

A new C09 subcommittee on Risk Management for Alkali Aggregate Reactions will develop standards on alkali-silica reactions in concrete.
[Full Story]

Carbon Black
New U.S. EPA requirements to report greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. industry have resulted in a new D24 subcommittee. [Full Story]

Molecular Spectroscopy 
Committee E13's new standard provides guidelines for common fluorescence measurements.
[Full Story] 

A new subcommittee within Committee F10 will develop standards on marketing claims in the livestock and meat industry. [Full Story]

A new standard from Committee C12 will advance the cause of architectural preservation.
[Full Story] 

More GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM around the world

ASTM Board Meeting in Tokyo
The ASTM board of directors will hold their spring meeting and other events in Tokyo, Japan, from April 12-15.  The extensive acceptance and use of ASTM International standards by Japanese industry makes Tokyo an excellent host city for the ASTM leadership team. In addition to the formal board meetings, the week's events will include an industry conference titled "Standardization and the Global Marketplace" and a member orientation for ASTM members residing in Japan. ASTM board members and staff also plan to visit five universities in Tokyo to speak about standards education, and will be meeting with the leadership of Japanese trade associations and ministries representing various industry sectors in which ASTM standards are globally influential: metals, energy, chemicals, building construction and more.  [Full Story]
 DID YOU KNOW? . . . Recognizing Our Volunteers
April is National Volunteer Month, an annual celebration of volunteering that grew out of National Volunteer Week, which was started by President Nixon in 1974. Since this month presents an opportunity for individuals, families and organizations to celebrate those who accomplish great things through service, Did You Know would like to pay tribute to the more than 30,000 members of ASTM International who volunteer their time and expertise to one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world. The members of ASTM represent users, consumers, governments and academia from more than 135 countries. They work on one or more of ASTM's 141 technical committees, contributing their knowledge to some 12,000 ASTM International standards that make products and services safer, better and more cost-effective. ASTM salutes you and we thank you. 
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