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"People are not broken and in need of fixing... most  people are just fine.  They may simply need a tune-up."
                                                Dr. Alexander R. Lees

In This Issue:


Alex is in top form!  Besides writing about some very useful info to help us deal with our emotions (the ones we don't want), he's also injected his sense of humour.  Lots of good info here and one very useful technique.


Susan helps us to get grounded.  No, not like when we were kids and did something bad!  "Grounded" as within our bodies in relation to the earth.  Doing so will help you to be more balanced, healthier and happier.


Tom concludes his series on eye energy and provides specific techniques you can do yourself, to improve your eyesight.  This stuff works! 


 I write about an event we attended a few weeks ago here in Ajijic, Mexico.  According to the advertising of the event, this is the only one of its kind  in the world.  Whether it is, or isn't, doesn't really matter.  The important thing is that a great time was had by all.  I'd also like to mention that no people, animals, vegetation or buildings were injured or damaged during the event! 


Berit Lees, Editor

Alex Lees 
Techniques to Help You Cope - Part 2
By Dr. Alexander R. Lees

As one reader of Reflections wrote to ask, "Why all the emphasis on controlling emotions?" I thought I'd start with that question in mind.

To use an analogy, driving a car with one or two flat tires really interferes with a smooth ride. In a like and similar way, unresolved emotional 'baggage' within the system accumulates, and, because of the way we are wired, makes us more and more likely to express those emotions, and with less and less stimuli needed to trigger them as time goes by.  The ride can get bumpy indeed.

These emotions can then enter into and contaminate conversations, leading to unpleasant consequences at best. Even dreams are not immune.

Emotional contamination is where we get some of our expressions, such as, "He's like a powder keg, just ready to explode." Or, "Maybe it was something I said, but the next thing I knew, he/she just..."

As stated, emotions can begin to influence our thinking and disrupt sleep patterns, and many a client over the years has presented various examples of this effect, such as insomnia, high blood pressure, a seeming inability to cope with the children being children, or worrying unnecessarily over X, Y, and Z.  In extreme cases, the person may have developed obsessive compulsive thoughts or behaviours, some form of depression, or even preoccupation with something normally considered trivial in their lives and is now, at least as judged by others, completely over the top in terms of a reaction.

"Cindy" presented as a bright, quick thinking and articulate 22 year old. Her list of issues was considerable, and insomnia was the first on her list to explore. She described herself as tossing and turning in bed for hours, her thoughts were "like soup, each one running into the next." She was also astute enough to report that some part of her realized the whole thing was ridiculous, that it was as if there were two 'voices' in her head, one rational, and the other like a overly stimulated child now run amuck. Various medications were prescribed, complete with side effects, and she wanted "off the roller coaster."

She also presented she had been depressed previously (for about a two year period) much of that time bedridden, and again, subjected to various medications to try and control it.

Helping her to clear the years of abuse, and more importantly, the pent up emotional aspect resulting from these experiences simply allowed the body to do what it was designed to do -- heal itself, which is exactly what it did.

Now, way back when it was very useful to have the emotional brain in charge; after all, it's primary job was to kick us into fight or flight -- such as causing us to whack lunch over the head with a good sized stick, or turbo charge us out of there when a dinosaur spotted us, and decided we'd make a tasty morsel if we stuck around.  Do you suppose people were the first fast food?

Today, that part of our brain still exists, but the world has become a tad more civilized, so using a grenade to deal with a stuck elevator would be considered poor form, and society tends to frown upon such behaviours as a tad excessive.

Study after study reports the effects on health, both mentally and physically, of emotional turmoil, especially when allowed to remain in the system over time, and is rated as one of the main precursors of disease. Now this isn't to say all disease is caused by emotions, nor is it to say it is the only contributor, meaning they have to be there for disease to occur.  However, since you are being introduced to some very powerful techniques from various disciplines by the talented writers of Reflections, as well as myself, why not take advantage of this talent, and decide to learn, apply and practice, practice, practice what each has to teach?  At least you will be eliminating one of the main precursors to disease, and even if you aren't suffering any physical health discomforts, you will most certainly benefit from the resulting mental and emotional calmness it can provide, not to mention the resulting added bonuses of improved self confidence and social comfort into the bargain.

Last month you learned two techniques, and now it's time for another.  As this technique requires a bit of a preframe, let me start with this.  Our nervous system decided long ago that to try and pay attention, and then try to process, all the information coming at us via our senses would overload the system very quickly. To protect itself, the brain developed 'mental filters,' and thus had a method of reducing the data to a manageable size. This evolutionary step comes with both pros and cons.

Granted, thanks to these filters, we don't go into 'tilt mode' and end up staring at some blank wall, muttering and dribbling 24 hours a day. At the same time, however, we can misinterpret, or translate any given situation, event or circumstance in which we find ourselves involved in a way that can be interruptive to our sense of well being.  "How?" you might ask.

Well, by reducing the data coming in, a form of reductionism, we don't really live in reality per se, but more in a model of it. And any time there is a reduction, we can expect distortions.  As someone famous once said, "The map is not the territory," so when we are exposed to any event, situation or circumstance, we need to translate that data into meaningful terms that make sense to us.  When others interpret the event or situation the same way, it is called a shared reality.

So when we are in disagreement with someone else, more often than not, the glitch is to be found between the models themselves, rather than the model and reality.

This is also true, more often than we realize, when a situation doesn't fit our expected understanding of it, and our nervous system then goes into tilt mode. The difference between our expectations and what is actually occurring is once again a clash between models (unless, of course, you can't or won't believe that what is occurring makes some kind of sense to someone else -- after all, it is occurring, is it not?)

Again a question might be posed; and that is, "What can be done about it?"

I suppose you could become a guru, and try to start a movement of change, or perhaps even a dictator, so everyone has to do your bidding, and therefore conform to your model of the world.  On the other hand, you could learn some coping techniques, and by using them faithfully, at least your head will be okay, even though those about you seem to be losing theirs.

You already have learned of two techniques to deal with emotive stress, so now let's go a little deeper, and learn about a technique that works further up the chain, that is, one that can go a long way to preventing the unwanted emotive reaction in the first place.  The technique is called a reframe.

A reframe is simply a way of saying that if what you think just happened is causing you stress or upset, then more than likely a new interpretation would be just the thing to right the boat, and return to happy sailing once again.

Some examples of a reframe:

A customs agent has just finished giving several travelers the third degree, including you.  One person can walk away from that experience thinking, "Everything bad happens to me." And the rest of his or her day is ruined.  Another may have interpreted the situation as the customs officer is having a bad day -- in other words, the officer owns the problem, not the traveler, and - soon enough, the traveler is once again thinking about the excitement of the rest of the journey, and arriving at the destination.

Example #2:

"Ralph," a rather sad looking and somewhat inverted twelve year old, was slouched on my office couch with mom in the chair beside him.  Ralph was busy studying whatever it is that twelve year olds think live in carpets, and eye contact with us was minimal.  At mom's prompting, Ralph started with: "Whenever my Dad ignores me, I know it's because he thinks I've done something bad. It really bothers me, a lot."  (Read: Dad is doing, or not doing, some behaviour that Ralph translates as 'ignoring me,' and, Ralph besides possessing the ability to read minds, has also offered a 'cause and effect' statement, and does so without any explanation of the evidence procedure used to validate it.)

Before I could respond with my brilliance, complete with the benefits of my insights and experience, Ralph's mom leaned forward and said:  "Oh, Ralphie, I've know your Dad far longer than you have, and he's been going into deep thought since before you were born. (Read: Therefore, you can't be at cause.) That's how he's always come up with his great ideas."

The obvious shift in Ralph's body language and facial expression told me this reframe had worked quite well, so I wisely kept myself out of the conversation, other than to smile knowingly, as if I knew this all the time, and mom had simply confirmed it.

Ralph then uttered a quiet, "Oh," and it wasn't long before his agile mind was quickly off on some other interests, and the non-verbals now suggested it was time to go, as he had things to do. Granted, there were other issues that needed attending to, but the above aspect of the visit does offer an example of the value in learning about, and putting into practice, a technique referred to as a reframe.

A reframe is nothing more than creating, or accepting, a different interpretation of any situation, such as a conversation, or something you see, and so on. Why? For the purpose of feeling better.

After all, it is all an interpretation anyway, so learning to be flexible, and allowing yourself to consider an alternative possibility in terms of interpretation is the essence of a reframe.

And that leads us to one more question: "How do you know which reframe is the right one?" And the answer to this question is simple; it's the one that you or the other person accepts!

One more example:

"Judy" bounced into my office with such enthusiasm that I had to ask with a smile, "And what have you been up to?"  "My husband has been on my case about emailing jokes all the time, she said. "Then he called me obsessive compulsive."  "Ouch. And what did you do?" I inquired.

"Instead of becoming defensive, then shut down, I simply reframed him."  (Judy had recently attended a workshop I'd presented, and reframes were part of the content.)

Sensing she was dying for me to ask another question, I did.  "And what, if I may ask, was your reframe?"

"I just told him that emailing friends and family was my way of staying in touch, that it sends a message saying, "I'm here, thinking of you, and wanting to share," she replied.

"And what did your husband say or do with that?" I asked.  "It shut him up," Judy replied with a grin.

Now, there are two categories of a reframe, but, I don't want to overload you. After all, this article should supply you with enough to do for now.  I would welcome your feedback (in reframing and especially your successes).  Please remember:  practice makes perfect!  More, much more, next month.  



Inner  Peace

If you can start the day without caffeine,
If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,
If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,
If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,
If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,
If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,
If you can conquer tension without medical help,
If you can relax without alcohol,
If you can sleep without the aid of drugs, 


Then You Are Probably.........  

Dog meditating 

The Family Dog!  



Phone Sessions... or as we like to call them...

House Calls by Phone

Last month I wrote that Alex "misses helping people."  It seems that people miss Alex helping them because we've heard from a number of people that would like a little help with life's trials and tribulations. 


We are on Central Time here in Mexico... so there's only two hours difference between the West Coast and us, and one hour difference with the East Coast.  Europeans are seven hours ahead of us, so we would still be speaking on the same day.  As for the rest of the world... we'll just have to figure out the best time for everyone. :-)


Here's how it works:

  • Call using Skype, or   
  • Many people have long distance phone plans that cost 2 cents per minute or less (that's what we had in Canada).  Therefore a one hour call would only be $1.20... or less.
  • Payment is with PayPal. 
Please email us to arrange an appointment.   

Susan StoneContributing Columnist Susan Stone is a licensed acupuncturist, certified in Eden Energy Medicine and Eden Energy Medicine for Women. In addition she is a Registered Bach Flower practitioner, an Acutonics practitioner, with a BS degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and has been in private practice since 1977. Susan's other interests include a passion for dressage, mountain climbing, and life. Contact Susan at her clinic in the Boston, MA area. www.stonehealthcenter.com

How to Get Grounded... in a Good Way
By Susan Stone

This is a very interesting topic for me to write about because the symptoms of a lack of grounding, or reversed, or frozen polarities may not be obvious to most people.  

So what is groundedness, and what are reversed or frozen polarities?  In the world of energy medicine these concepts are familiar, but if you are a neophyte you might like a bit of an explanation.  

Grounded in human energy terms, is not a punishment.  Grounded is a good thing.  What this means is that your energetic body is communicating with the Earth's energetic body.  We have an energy exchange, a flow that helps us in so many ways.  How it helps is to give us energy.  It helps us stay focused.  Being grounded makes it easier for us function, to be able to accomplish our "to do" list.  It helps you from feeling scattered.  In our modern world electromagnetic energy bombards us constantly.  It is challenging for our energy field (our aura) to stay strong and cohesive.  When our energy field gets disrupted, this mayhem downloads into our energy software resulting with less than optimum health.  Initially, we get discombobulated.  It may feel like your wiring is misfiring.  I'm trying to make several analogies so you understand that this is not an obvious imbalance but one that is rather insidious but can lead to other problems.  

Polarities are important because it helps us stay energetically oriented to the earth's energies.  The earth has a north pole and a south pole and we have north and south poles energies that are similar.  Sometimes our polarities can reverse, other times we don't have a smooth flow of our body's energies. Our energy can become locked into high gear with no "down shifting".  It's like always operating at one speed with no ebb or flow.  Our body likes to be able to have an energetic fluctuation, like an internal shifting of gears.  We are finely tuned energy machines, with interdependent operating systems, that all rely on each other for maximum performance.  

What are the symptoms that might clue you in to a grounding problem:
  • Not having energy!  This can be any time of the day.  This common dilemma can be improved with being grounded. 
  • Are you feeling spacey or do you always feel like you're in your head and that doesn't feel very good?   
  • Do you experience pain, especially in your joints?  Energy which isn't  flowing may get stuck somewhere in your body which causes pain.  The joints are a place where that pain can get stuck.  
So let's talk about how to make some corrections.  To help yourself stay grounded and to increase your body's ability to ground try the following:
  • Massaging below your knees on the tibialis muscle which is the fleshy muscle on the outside of your shin bone.  Massage this all the way to your ankle.   
  • Now massage on the top and bottoms of your feet.  Work with your fingers the spaces between the bones on the top of your feet.  This will increase your grounding capacity.   
  • Stretch out the soles of your feet, too.   
  • Massage your heels.  Walking outside barefoot is helpful!  
  • Now imagine the energy of your body is able to connect right down into the center of the earth and the earth receives your energy joyously and returns the favor by sending clear vibrant energy right back up through your feet and through your pelvic region.  This energy runs right up in front of your spine.   
  • Breathe the energy all the way up into your head.  
To help with your polarity balancing:
  • Take a fork and run the fork over the bottom of your foot.
  • Then take a spoon and do the same thing.  Make sure it's a stainless steel spoon.   
  • This will correct the electromagnetic energy of your body. 
A favorite Eden Energy Medicine exercise is called "Connecting Heaven and Earth".  This is taken from the Eden Energy Medicine 10 Minute Routine Handout:
  • Start with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread 
  • Inhale through your nose, circle your arms out, and bring your hands together in a prayerful position.  Exhale through your mouth.
  • Inhaling through your nose, stretch one arm up and the other arm down, pushing with your palms.  Hold, exhale through your mouth, and return to the prayerful position.   
  • Repeat switching arms.  Do this twice for each arm. 
  • Drop your arms down, fold your body forward at the waist, and relax with your knees slightly bent.   
  • Take two deep breaths before slowly returning to a standing position.   
  • As you come to a standing position move your arms in a large figure eights.   
"Connecting Heaven and Earth" helps clear stagnant energy from your body and auric field and brings in fresh energy.  It helps the flow of energy through your joints and helps with grounding! 




New Info on Shampoos


I just discovered this important info. I don't know WHY I didn't figure this out sooner!!!!!

It's the shampoo I use in the shower!  When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and (duh!)

Printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning,


No WONDER I have been gaining weight!!!  Well, I've got rid of that shampoo and I am going to start using Dish Washing Liquid instead.
Its label reads:


Problem solved!  



  Tom Dorzab
Contributing Columnist Tom Dorzab is a retired biologist from Kansas and now lives with his wife in Spain. Tom followed his passion and is now an energy medicine practitioner specializing in Eden Energy Medicine.  Contact Tom here

Eye Energy (Part 3)

By Tom Dorzab

I hope you all have taken advantage of the one month break in the eye energy series to get yourselves out of fear. If not, I would suggest taking a look at the last newsletter and using some of the techniques offered there. The truth is that by getting yourself out of fear, you can actually improve your eyesight as well. Since fear is related to the Water Element of the Five Elements of Chinese medicine, and since the meridians associated with the Water Element, Kidney and Bladder, can both affect eyesight, you may actually be able to read this article more clearly if you followed some of the suggestions in the last newsletter. It's just one more example showing that the toe bone is indeed connected to the head bone and the body needs to be thought of as system of interconnected systems rather than just a collection of separate parts and pieces.

In this, the last of the eye energy series, I will be describing some of the other techniques you might want to try to improve your vision. Remember that it's always a good idea to do the Daily Energy Routine (see my June 2008 - October 2008 articles) before doing these techniques.

Let's begin by massaging and stretching the skin around the eyes.

Next we'll move into palming the eyes.
  • To palm the eyes, first rub both hands together and shake them off.  
  • Then place your cupped palms over your eyes without touching the eyes.  
  • You will want to cross your little fingers over the Third Eye, place your thumbs on the temples and the rest of your fingers on the hairline above the forehead.   
  • If you are going to do a number of techniques you will probably want to hold this position for two or three minutes.  
  • If not, you can hold this position for much longer and the effects will be much stronger.
You have just done a whole bunch of work and didn't even know it. After simply palming your eyes, you have probably had a positive effect on the Triple Warmer, Stomach, Bladder, Liver, Kidney, and Gall Bladder Meridians. All of these can affect the eyes. I would suggest that you find a way to support your elbows during this technique so you don't get stressed out about your tired arms. You can rest your elbows on a table or, if you're built that way, you can lean your head forward and rest them on your chest and abdomen.

Next, using the thumb and forefinger, very lightly pinch the eyelids and the area around the eyes. This is called the spindle cell pinch. The effect of this technique is to reset the nervous system and release stuck energy.

The next technique involves lightly resting the pad of a finger on your closed eyelid and then gently tapping that finger with a finger of your other hand. Finish by pulling on the ears.

If you have been following this newsletter for long, you will know how important figure eights are. They are found at all levels of the energy system from the whole body down to the smallest cell. If you are ever confused about what to do for a problem you are having, doing figure eights over the area of the problem is bound to have a positive effect.

For this technique:
  • Imagine you are wearing glasses and then follow the frames of the glasses directly out from your eyes with one or more fingers without touching your body.  
  • Go over the top of one side and then at the bridge of the nose drop down below the other side.  
  • Continue up over the top of that side and then repeat the process making many figure eights over the eyes.
Now continue with the figure eights only this time trace the eights from your eyes to a point out in front of you. I would use both hands.

Flushing, sedating, massaging Neurolymphatic Reflex Points and holding Neurovascular Points (other than what we have already covered) for correcting meridians associated with the eyes are beyond the scope of this article, but all can be found in Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine.

The last technique I will cover here will involve the use of a magnet, a crystal or simply your hand. A very inexpensive, doughnut shaped ceramic magnet (found at Radio Shack) can be tied on a string and then, by placing the string between the thumb and index finger, the hanging magnet can be spun back and forth. By doing this around the eyes we can often correct problems. In fact, this was one of the things I did with the color-blind boy I described in the first article in this series. Please remember, if you're not familiar with testing a person to determine whether he has a magnet sensitivity, I would suggest avoiding the use of the magnet for now.

Fortunately, a crystal spinning on a string has much the same effect although not as powerful. Even a simple and inexpensive cut glass crystal will often do the trick.

Even more fortunately, since our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, we can use the polarities of our body to the same effect as a weak magnet. Simply do a series of back handsprings in front of a person's eyes. You may be amazed at the results. If you're a little out of practice in your gymnastics, you can call my grand-daughter. Since she's only one person and since most of you will be trying this, you may need to wait a while for her.

Another option I have discovered is to just use your hand. It's not nearly as much fun, but it works. There are three ways to do it.
  • One way is to simply rotate your hand back and forth (palm to back of hand) over the area.  
  • Another way is to combine the electromagnetic pulses created by rotating your hand with the positive effect of doing figure eights by tracing figure eights over the area with your hand while rotating it back and forth.  
  • The easiest way to use your hand as a spinning magnet is to place the palm over the area you want to stimulate electromagnetically, in this case the eyes, and then open and close your fingers repeatedly alternating between a loose fist and an open hand.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of eye improvement techniques, but it will certainly give you a good head start. I would love to get an email from all of you telling me how much better your eyesight is after doing the techniques I've shared. Just remember, everyone is different and this is a very generalized approach. As the old saying goes, once you've seen one person, you've seen one person.

I have to go now. My eyes are beginning to burn after sitting at the computer for so long. It's time to do some of these techniques on myself.


And... for all you Cat lovers

Cats & Emails

Berit's Corner
Berit Lees 

It was a beautiful day with blue skies, the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze.  The temperature also co-operated and was a lovely 27 degrees Celsius (81 F) with very little humidity because we are on a high plateau, at 1,524 meters (5,000 ft.) here in Mexico.  We arrived at the appointed time of 4:00 pm even though we'd been warned "events in Mexico never start on time."

As we entered the soccer field we found, to our surprise and delight, that the soccer field was jam packed with people - all the seats in the stands were full, and the field as well.  In amongst all the people, kids, dogs and vendors selling goodies, were the teams getting the globos ready. 

Inflating Globo
We were at the annual Ajijic Globo Fiesta and the air was full of anticipation and excitement as the hot air balloons were being released.  There was no particular order to their release, sometimes there was only one, and at other times, half a dozen were gliding up into the atmosphere... sort of.

I say "sort of" because these are not your typical hot air balloons. These are made out of tissue paper and the fuel is from a variety of sources - containers similar to sterno (used in fondues) or a charcoal like burner.  A great deal of time is spent trying to light the fuel once the balloon is inflated.

Lighting Globo 

Sometimes it works like magic and the fuel catches fire on the first attempt.  A variety of blow torch-like instruments is used, with varying sizes of flames, and varying degrees of success.  In the space of ten minutes several balloons, after being inflated and ready to gracefully ascend, burned to a crisp before they got twenty feet off the ground!

The cries of "Oh! No!" reverberated throughout the soccer field.  The teams in question were totally dejected because they had spent months creating the globo (balloon) design and then glued all the pieces of tissue paper together.  Only to have the globo disintegrate before their eyes in less than a minute.

Globo disintegrated 
But, before everyone got too depressed, there would be another globo rising majestically up over the crowd, heading for the mountains.  If it caught the wind just right, it was heading for the Pacific Ocean and Puerta Vallarta, which is a four hour drive (by car) over a mountain range.

Then there was loud cheering and clapping.  It was a truly amazing site because no two globos were alike.  The variety of shapes, sizes and colours really showed the creativity of the design teams, and the crowd roared its approval.
Soaring Globo1SoaringGlobo 2 

The winner of the Globo Festival is determined by the distance travelled by the globo and how long it stays in the air.  The thing I couldn't figure out, and never did find out, was how did anyone determine the distance travelled by the globo, and the time it took?  For all I know the judges could still be in Puerta Vallarta waiting for the winner.  If so, they've probably had a margarita or two by now, and aren't too concerned about who came first.

You see, that's all part of the fun - some globos are crispy critters in less than a minute, some head up a few hundred feet, then burst into flames and fall back to earth, on top of the crowd.  Alex was lucky when a clump of fire just missed him and landed about five feet away.  He was busy filming the soaring globos and wasn't aware of the fire-ball descending upon him.  It was only when someone yelled, "Move it," that Alex stopped filming and jumped out of the way.

Burning Blobo 

Globo Burning TreeThere were also the globos that glided gracefully over the trees, heading for the mountains, only to tilt the wrong way (due to the wind) and then burst into flames.  We all held our breath, hoping the trees didn't catch fire - thankfully none did.  Burning globo carcases also landed on the roof of the stands, as well as in the gardens and on the roofs of houses in Ajijic.  No injuries or damage was reported.

All in all, we spent a wonderful two hours watching this amazing event and were delighted with our experience.  If we're here next year, we'll be sure to go again!


Till next month,

Take care.



Globo Man  



Volume 18, No. 10
October 2011
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Techniques to Help You Cope Part 2
Phone Sessions
How to get grounded... in a good way
Eye Energy (Part 3)
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