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Healthy people live in healthy communities, and each community has its own special culture. We know a one-size-fits-all approach to health does not work, so Canyon Ranch Institute's programs are tailored to communities. This customization leads to people making personal and emotional connections to health and becoming empowered to embrace a life of wellness.

I invite you to learn more about our programs and make a difference by investing in health for all people. Together, we can realize "The Power and Possibility of a Healthy World."


Jennifer Cabe, M.A.   In Good Health,

  Jennifer Cabe, M.A.

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CRI Founders Visit Urban Health Plan

South Bronx, NY 

CRI Founders Visit UHP

Mel Zuckerman (right) is greeted by Urban Health Plan leaders Sam De Leon and Paloma Hernandez.

CRI Founders Mel and Enid Zuckerman visited CRI partner Urban Health Plan (UHP), a premier federally qualified community health center, to meet people who have led and participated in the CRI Life Enhancement Program at UHP. UHP President and CEO Paloma Hernandez, M.P.H., M.A., took Mel and Enid on a tour of UHP that included the Urban Health Plan Centro de Salud y Bienester (Center for Health and Wellness) that is home to CRI LEP at UHP. Learn About the CRI LEP at UHP

CRI Participates in Development of Diabetes Curriculum for Students

Colorado Springs, CO  

CRI partner Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) held a series of conferences, each focused on a different grade range, to focus on the development of a diabetes curriculum to improve health literacy about type 2 diabetes. CRI Partnerships and Policies Director Christine L. Sardo, M.P.H., R.D.; CRI Health Literacy and Research Director Andrew Pleasant, Ph.D.; and CRI Evaluation and Program Manager Maura Pereira-Leon, Ph.D., were expert contributors to the conferences. Read More

Time to Talk CARDIO Newsletter  

The Ticker - Spring 2011   

 The Ticker Newsletter Spring 2011   

CRI Health Literacy and Research Director Andrew Pleasant, Ph.D., is a columnist in the spring edition of The Ticker. Canyon Ranch Institute helped to develop and test the award-winning Time to Talk CARDIO program, which provides a free on-line tool to help patients and health care professionals improve their communication about cardiovascular health. Read the Newsletter  


Nutrition and Cancer Chemoprevention within an Integrative Health Promotion Model

A chapter from Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Personalized Care


Christine L. Sardo Evidence shows that nutrition plays a key role in cancer prevention and recurrence. This chapter, authored by CRI Partnerships and Policies Director Christine L. Sardo, M.P.H., R.D., provides a case study of the CRI LIVESTRONG Celebrating Life After Cancer Program, which was inspired by the National Call to Action on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship. Read More 


CRI Executive Director Addresses LOHAS Forum

Boulder, CO


Jennifer Cabe, M.A., CRI executive director and board member, joined a panel of health and wellness professionals to speak about the Societal Integration of Wellness at the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) Forum. The Forum brings together leaders to focus on how business, media, and entertainment can be leveraged to educate and influence consumer behavior to promote lifestyles of health and sustainability. Read More  



In the Spotlight CRI Partner STOP Obesity Alliance Recommends Physical Activity for Improved Health 

Washington, D.C.


CRI President and STOP Obesity Alliance Health and Wellness Chairperson Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, recently announced physical fitness as the Alliance's newest policy recommendation to improve health, independent of weight or weight loss. He said, "We are asking policymakers and other decision makers to use the science to make informed decisions that will help reduce the burden of obesity on our nation." Read More

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Upcoming Events


Arkansas Health Literacy Research Conference

CRI Health Literacy and Research Director Andrew Pleasant will deliver the keynote presentation at the Arkansas Health Literacy Research Conference organized by the Arkansas Public Health Association and the Arkansas Department of Health. 


August 3-5, 2011

Little Rock, AK



Ohio Health Literacy Conference

The Ohio Health Literacy Conference serves to increase health literacy awareness, share resources to improve health literacy, and provide tools to increase health literacy capacity at the local, regional, and state levels. CRI President Richard H. Carmona will deliver the keynote address, and CRI Health Literacy and Research Director Andrew Pleasant will be a speaker.


October 12-13, 2011

Cleveland, Ohio


Test your knowledge


Overweight and obesity are linked to a number of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. To make improvements in these key health areas, the STOP Obesity Alliance recommends a sustained weight loss of:

o 5 to 10 percent

o 10 to 15 percent

o 15 to 20 percent


Click here for the answer and to learn more about the STOP Obesity Alliance Policy Recommendations.


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