I found a gem this weekend. It is a new iPhone app called Inspired Natural Wisdom and Audio Confirmations and it does inspire! It is completely in sync with my topic this month, Rising from Broken Moments. We have a tendency to go to such great lengths to insulate ourselves from the pain of failure that we miss out on the exhilaration of risk, growth from lessons and experiencing the strength from getting up again. We 'pillow' the outcome so that we bounce softly and not get hurt. Maybe it is time to drop our pursuit of perfection and fear of failure and opt for living bumpy, passionately and with imperfect joy. What do you need to change to do that?




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Nature is in a perpetual state of trying again.


Inspired Natural Wisdom and Audio Confirmations  iPhone App




Out of our broken moments, there can come the

gift that allows us to transform

and be who we really are.


Karen Senteio



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Rising from Broken Moments 

relanchI can admit that I have been guilty of letting my ego drive my actions. When I am out of sync and not aligned with my soul, my ability to see possibility and my move forward path is blocked. It is in this state that I cannot see options, my perceptions of what is true is skewed and fear bubbles up and replaces inspiration. Even if being in this state is short lived, I recognize it when I see and feel it. I don't like it much. The good thing is that I know I have the power to push this unproductive state aside, pick up and get going. A valuable lessoned has been taught; I can rise and learn from a broken moment.


In Wayne Dyer's new book, Wishes Fulfilled, he discusses making choices about what thoughts we allow to penetrate our hearts and how to shelve the negative thoughts that hold us back from productive, creative and fulfilled lives. Words have power and we choose on a regular basis the ones we will utilize to shape our thinking and beliefs about ourselves and others. It is words that either build us up or take us down. Choose carefully and choose words and people that inspire you to regain your footing.


One thing that I know for sure is that stumbling and failing is a component of success. It gives us the ability to sharpen a good idea, course correct or re-align priorities. It provides the opportunity for fresh eyes if we use words that allow us to analyze what went wrong instead of chastising ourselves for trying. Using words of discovery will allow you to be objective about the outcome and keep going.


I found a wonderful new iPhone app that helps to inspire you to rise up from a broken moments and get back on your path. It is called, Inspired Natural Wisdom and Audio Confirmations and the premise is to get an inspirational pep talk from lessons in nature. It has three categories, Teach Me, Inspire Me and Guide Me. Each category has topics that will definitely provide the type of inspiration that will feed your soul, tap down your ego and put you back on your path.


My hope for you as the leaves turn and we begin the beautiful season of Fall, that you challenge yourself to pick up that thought or idea you had long ago, dust it off and put it back together. It may not be broken after all. I just might need another look.

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