I watched The Hunger Games and have not stopped thinking about the movie ever since. It is based on a book series for young adults, but the lessons and challenges are very real to adults today. It is a movie that makes you think about how you live your life, what is truly important, where do you draw the line, what sacrifices are you willing to make and how human relationships really matter...a lot. While the plot at times seems dark, the moments of light are life.



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The Hunger Games  Hunger Gamers

The movie centers on Katniss, the hero. She is faced with incredibly difficult choices, but she makes them. The clarity of who she is and what she believes provides the foundation for effective navigation through treacherous circumstances. Don't worry. I won't spoil the movie, but will touch on some themes that were mission critical to Katniss and apply to anyone navigating through the tough, bumpy and wonderful waters called life. The lessons of the Hunger Games:

  • Family first. The movie begins with an incredible sacrifice that could only happen if you love someone so much that you are willing to put them before you. To experience that type of love is a gift.
  • Trust that you have talents. No one comes into this world without talent and when you use your God given talent, you can be formidable.
  • Relationships matter. Building quality relationships that are built on trust, love, mutual values and support is critical.
  • Smiling matters. Never underestimate the power of likability. If you have a lot to offer take good advice on how to showcase your talents and develop relationships. Grinching gets you nowhere.
  • Know the difference between enemies/frienemies and allies. Be discerning and develop good judgment in determining the difference.
  • Integrity. Know who you are, who you are not and where you draw your line in the sand. Trust your gut and your heart to guide you.

They are all great lessons, but the one that stands out for me is integrity. Our integrity gets battle tested every day, in the work place, our homes and in our relationships. It lives deep in our soul and it is such a part of us, it sends us physical signals when we test it. You can feel it when you are out of integrity. It is our compass that allows us to transcend guilt, fear and ego enabling us to make difficult or hard decisions that are in our best interest or in the best interest of a whole. Turn it up or on and win your hunger game.





May the Source of love and strength

Guide my decision-making,

May I respect the dignity and sacredness of others,

May I speak and act with honesty and love,

As I walk down this path,

I ask to be infused with integrity.

Whether I lead others walking upon new ground,

Or share the path with many on familiar trails,

Let me treat our journey and companions with respect,

Let my actions reflect my values.

Help me live the truth of my beliefs, and my Destiny.

Integrity, be with me always.


~Lance Secretan



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