Spring is about renewal and rebirth. I love it. What looked like it could never grow again does. The rose bush that took your abuse forgives you and begins to love you again. The birds return as they do every year and the air has the unmistaken smell of rain, dirt and fresh grass. Spring is living possibility and new beginnings. It is about leaving old stories behind and sowing seeds of new experiences and challenges. It is spring!


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Spring...Time to Renew


Are you open to new experiences and opportunities? What could stand in your way? I know. It's your stories. It is the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck, giving into our fears and self-limiting beliefs. It is the stories that keep us sad and safe at the same time not happy where you are, but feeling powerless to move forward. They keep us from taking the chance for a new life for fear of failure or judgment. The whispers of the past are so vivid; they are the present and the future. The shadows keep us from our calling, blessings and rebirth. They stop us from experiencing our spring.


Retelling our story gives us permission to stay stuck in that moment usually holding someone or something accountable for our current state. When you retell the story, you drag it through the same grooves and they get deeper and deeper as less folks are there to listen to them. Honestly, you probably have stopped listening and are on autopilot reciting the story like a play with the same ending. The retelling does not make space for a lesson and an opportunity to move on. It is permission to stay stuck and all your energy is channeled into keeping the story alive. You are keeping it alive.


What can we learn from spring? Nature finds a way to renew, refresh and find new paths. Be spring and create a path out of a stuck story. A good friend of mine says; tell the story with a new ending. Redirect the old story by saying, " this is what I am going to do about it. I own this and the actions I take next." Let every spring day be a reminder that you got this and you are ready to take steps on the road less traveled. Become spring, renew and rebound.

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