WTF...Wondrous Transforming Freedom!  Scared you didn't I!  In the challenging times of excessive change and uncertainty, I am excited.  I want to excite you too.  This article is about abandoning 'victim' and reclaiming your power.  Don't leave 'victim' in charge of your life.  Victim does not think clearly.  Victim does not allow you to be an Edgewalker.  Victim does not move forward, victim moves backwards.  That is not you!  Be done with it and come with me.  This is a FREEDOM train! 



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When an earthling receives the genius to wear the clothing of the world and live the life of a dream a star is alive. Existing in the world of miracles and walking on earthen soil, proving that no matter what the natural boundaries are, there is no such thing as impossible. When you say "I'M A STAR" you believe you have been given the power to achieve anything.  



 ~Chrisette Michelle




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WTF...Wondrous Transforming FreedomFish jumping out of bowl


It is easy to be a victim.  When 'someone else' is responsible for your situation, you don't have to take ownership for your part in the predicament.  It feels a lot better to be able to say someone else or something else is responsible.  However, when you do that, you become the victim and your give your power away.  It robs you of the opportunity to learn from the lesson of the valley and come out stronger, wiser and more creative.  You have the freedom to choose your response.  Do I move forward or do I move back.  Move forward and boldly declare your freedom.

I know it is hard not to get caught in the victim vortex, but resist. I have been in it and it not a good space to be.  Say out loud that you refuse to be a victim and claim your WTF.  Do something that makes you feel free!  Do something wonderfully edgy that shakes you up, closes the old door and opens a new one.   Be open to the possibility that there is something special you are meant to do here on this Earth and you have yet to do it.  Transform and let freedom ring.  WTF.

Must Hear!

Chrisette Michelle
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