Last month, I asked what you were going to do that was fearless.  How were you going to step boldly into The Year of No Fear?  What were you going to do that would surprise, free, delight, inspire, change or exhilarate you? Where were you willing to take risks and do things that would challenge or obliterate self imposed limits.  I asked myself the same questions and found the answer.  I went rock wall climbing! 




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April 9, 2011

 Quote of the Month:


The process of living encourages you to leap and to fly, to run and to soar, to meander and to piddle, to embrace and to release. What you tell yourself about your ability to do one or all of these things at any given time determines how hard life will be for you.

~Iyanla Vanzant



The Lessons of the Wall 

Rock Climber

Okay.  Maybe I did not look as poised as the woman in the picture, but I sure felt like it.  The fact that I got my kadunkadunk (behind) that far off the ground by my own power is in itself an amazing feat.  The fact that I left the ground and climbed a towering wall with only the safety of a rope with a good friend holding the other end is beyond anything that I thought I would do.  One thing that I know for sure is once you challenge a self-limiting belief and disprove it, possibilities emerge. 


Let me give you a little background.  Some time ago, I had convinced myself that I was afraid of heights.  I would have physical reactions to being on bridges, looking out windows of tall buildings and climbing ladders etc.  I have no idea when this so called phobia started, but it was there.  When I was invited to go rock climbing, I asked myself who I would be and what would I do if I were not afraid.  I liked the thinking of the courageous me and went.


Once there, the instructor gave us the safety talk that included how not to fall to your death by improperly tying the figure eight knot.  Believe me.  I was highly motivated to listen.  I had to know what I was doing and my partner depended on me not to let her come down like a rock.  One of the training exercises required us to be way up on the wall and let go (both hands) so we could experience what it was like to fall.  There was a safety lock that would only let us fall so far, but there was something liberating about taking the chance to trust, suspend fear and just do it!  I let go and, stretched both arms wide and fell back.  This was more than rock climbing, it was a life lesson. 


Rock climbing opened the door to bigger questions.  What else can I do?  What else can I accomplish by suspending fear?  Who am I when I believe anything is possible?  Is the life I am leading exciting and thrilling?  I am not talking about being reckless, but invigorating, interesting, fulfilling and occasionally unpredictable.  I like the me that asks these questions.  You will like the YOU that ask these questions.  The courageous you and I will find the life that we want. 


 My arms and legs are sore and my hands are still a little red, but my soul is free. 


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