I have so much to share and so little newsletter space!  Recently, I spent three life changing days in Canada at Lance Secretan's Higher Ground Leadership© Pathfinder Learning Experience where I reconnected with my true values, reaffirmed my calling and built new relationships.  The theme was inspiration.  One word yes, but it is carries with it the power of discovery and the possibility of living an authentic, joyous life. 
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"There are some people, who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other." ~Douglas H. Everett


A Must Read
The Spark, the Flame, and the TORCH
Inspire Self, Inspire Others, Inspire the World
  - Lance Secretan

Inspirational Living...
These are interesting times.  There are so many personal 'standards' of ours that have been challenged.  The way careers progress; the length of time we stay with a company; the number of career changes we make in a life time, all different.  What we value today may be completely different than what we valued say five, ten years ago.  All these changes may be unsettling because it puts you on unfamiliar ground facing new situations.  But, it is sometimes the unfamiliar ground that causes you to step into discovery, to reconnect with your heart and find what you love.  The times are changing, but we all have a soul that connects us to what really matters and provide the navigation to your calling.  Be still, your beating heart.

Maybe you have been here before.  It feels unfamiliar because you may not have been here in a while.  You forgot.  As a child, discovery was a way of life.  You discovered from sun up to sun down, inspired by some internal compass that dared you to dream and create.  Remember the joy of feeling what you were doing was making a difference in the world...the universe?  You created a castle for injured animals.  You had a lemonade stand to earn money for the hungry.  You wrote and directed backyard plays. You wrote stories and read them to the neighborhood kids.  While it seemed fanciful at the time, it was preparation for living with passion and purpose.  You were inspired.
I declare that all of you have a calling or callings.  Dare to dream and find it.  
Why not have a dream that inspires you to press on to create in a changing world!  Erupt with possibility and share your gifts with the world.  Embrace the unfamiliar, enjoy the discovery and dare to dream. 
"If there is any point at all to life, surely it is to live out our dreams, to serve, to follow our bliss, to release the music within us, play it with joy and to share it with others? Surely we have a responsibility to finally listen to - and honor - the siren calls of our souls, which have been silenced by our egos throughout our lives? How else can we connect with our essence, the source of our calling?"
~Lance Secretan
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