I want to share an important fact with you.  One that could change your entire perspective and put you on a new path.  The job market is slow, promotions are scare, but guess what?  This is the perfect time to retool, re-energize and reinvent.  It is time for your New Deal.
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Your New Deal
My Name is Opportunity  I recently attended a coaching meeting and the topic was marketing.  The speaker made an important statement.  She said that during this slower time for businesses, we should do all we could to redefine and enhance our businesses to prepare for the eventual upturn of the economy.  That completely changes the perspective from just surviving to purposeful activity with an expected positive result.  It means believing in an outcome that you design and is right for you.
Now, take the concept of retooling a business and apply it to you.  How about if you decided to retool and reinvent you?  Promotions may not be happening at the moment, you may be laid off or your current skills no longer suit your changing organization.  Those are point in time statements that you can change.  You can be ready for the next promotion.  You can learn new skills and prepare for new opportunities.  You can say goodbye to the toxic role you are in right now in favor of something that is more in line with your value system.  You can make a New Deal with yourself that will make you say, "What was I waiting for!"    The new success is not about titles, the size of the office, power lunches or who you have to keep down so you can be up.  Oh, no.  The new success is how to live your best life for the rest of your life in alignment with what is important to you.  The New Deal is about living in integrity and enjoying it.
How about if you no longer operated by old rules and constructs?   How about you did not let someone else determine your value?  How about if it were not about titles, positional power or the schlock that held you in place before?  How about you decided to live schlock-free and started to build the life that you wanted?  I can tell you it is possible by changing your perspective and taking action.  It is not necessary that you have all the answers just play with the possibilities and see where it goes.  Enjoy the discovery of navigating through the unknown, but knowing that you are moving forward.   You don't have to solve it today, just start the conversation.   It is time for your New Deal!  
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