There is no universal or spiritual law that supports fairness.  Life is bumpy, interesting, ugly, challenging, exciting and fabulous.  There is no room for fairness.  Fairness would mean that everything would be the same with no deviations or differences.  What would be the fun in that?  If you want to truly live, move pass the pursuit of fairness and opt for the pursuit of fabulous! Fabulous is the theme for 2010.  Are you ready?
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Strenth does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will. 
~Mahatma Gandhi

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365 Meditations and
Reflections for Women Who Do Too Much 
~Anne Wilson Schaef
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    2010 in sand2010 The Year of the Fabulous!  
In a previous article, Life Is Not Fair, but It Can Be Fabulous, I wrote about leaving the need for fairness behind in the pursuit of fabulous.  That article has been by far, the most popular one I have ever written because it resonates with folks.  The thought of creating a fabulous life is attractive, but most of all it is achievable!  2009 was a tough year for many, but it held life lessons you could use to propel you to fabulous.  It provided clarity to help you define your 'yes' and 'no' lists so that you can make room for what you truly want to do and pave a way to your new life.  2010 is here.  Are you ready to make changes that can transform your life?  If you are nodding yes, read on.  You are ready to adopt 'Fabulous' as the theme of 2010. 
Make Self Care A Priority.  This is critical.  Getting clear on what is adding to or subtracting from your life is a definite must.  This is not about being selfish (ok, just a little bit, but for the right reasons).  It is about understanding what it is you truly want to do and sticking to it.  Time is precious, so why not spend it on activities that you enjoy or with people who actually support your dreams and ambitions.  One thing that I know for sure, if you are not happy and spiritually grounded, you cannot give to others in healthy ways.  They may get a part of you, not a fully present and strong you.  If you make self care a priority, you say 'yes'  to the right things and feel perfectly OK with saying NO to the things that detract from your well being.  Be DONE with saying yes, when the answer clearly is NO. 

Choices.  It is not one choice that takes you in one direction or another, it is choices.  In working with clients, a breakthrough moment is when they realize that they are not stuck with their current circumstance.  Making different choices can dig you out of a rut.  It may not be easy, but you told me you were ready, so let's go!  Make the little and big choices to flip the script to Fabulous.  It may mean disappointing some folks, but think long term and what choice supports your well being and growth.  Don't spend one more minute living the life that is not yours or saying yes to habitual takers.  You know who they are.  They take your money, time, self-respect and joy and you feel depleted when you deal with them.  Make a choice to end that cycle and opt for FABULOUS!

Support.  Surround yourself with people that support you.  I am not talking about 'yes' people that just tell you what you want to hear.  I am talking about the people that edify you; understand your hopes and dreams and provide you with an ear when you need it or advise when you ask for it.  Join a support group of like-minded individuals that are truly interested in making a change.  Not a complaint group, an ACTION group! Hire a coach to help you (not a shameless plug, but a recommendation that could make a difference)!

2010 is here and it is time to transcend to a new beginning!  Start now to create your FABULOUS life and be sure to journal your journey.  Reviewing your journal record of self discovery and change will be motivating.  You will see progress and at the end of 2010, you can be in a very different place.  It is the year of the FABULOUS.  Will you be in the number? 
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