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Entitled “The Power of Human Networks,” Community Analytics’ CEO Myra Norton will team up with Ken Boughrum of Stromberg Consulting and Rob Flaherty of Ketchum Communications to host’s latest webcast on June 5th at 11am ET.


The interactive session will focus on how Network Analysis enables you to map informal networks in order to more efficiently shape opinion, speed decision making, and influence behavior within organizations. Norton, Boughrum, and Flaherty will explain the importance of social networks in today’s hyper-communication environment. More importantly, they will provide you with concrete examples and key insights that will allow you improve business performance and efficiency.


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Upcoming Events:

2008 BMA Annual Conference

Myra Norton will be presenting, "Optimizing Marketing Spending Through Influence Networks" on June 12th at 2:45pm.

Community Analytics is a proud sponsor of the 2008 BMA Annual Conference.




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