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Fashion Faux Pas...Fixed!
Don't Fear the Tailor
Save Your Clothes! It may seem time-consuming to remove your clothes from the wire hangers when you bring them home from dry cleaners, but trust me-it is worth the effort in the long run! Using fitted hangers (wood or thick plastic) will make a world of difference in how your clothes fit as quality hangers help keep the clothes' shape. Also, remember to remove clothes immediately from the dry cleaner's clear plastic bags as the plastic can yellow your clothes over time. The time investment up front will help your clothes fit better and last longer!

Kismet Consultation!
August 21 from 5 - 8 p.m.
Stop in Kismet during the Third Thursday Wine Walk in O'Bryonville and visit with Amie for free "on the spot" fashion consultations. Wondering how to wear your favorite summer dress in to cooler temps? Unsure how to pair that heirloom necklace with today's styles? Bring in those troubling pieces from your wardrobe  and let Amie guide your fashion senses. Then stay and shop or sip during this great O'Bryonville event.

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Details by Amie Berger
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Fashion Faux Pas....Fixed!
Make sure you're maximizing your look this summer by wearing clothes that not only look great, but fit and feel great!
Women: nothing ruins the look of crisp, white or light colored summer pants than having the pockets show through! The solution? Snip out the pockets and sew the pocket openings shut. You'll not only eliminate unsightly shadows, you'll reduce bulk!
Men: Time to toss those pleated slacks and shorts. Flat front bottoms look much more fashionable and slimming. For men who feel like flat front slacks/shorts don't provide enough room--buy a size up and have the waist altered. You'll still have the roomy comfort you want with the slimming, up-to-date look.
Don't Fear the Tailor
You read it in every fashion magazine--men's and women's: nobody's body is perfect. Yet most designers create clothes for unrealistic bodies and shapes. So how do you wear the styles you want with the body you have? Simple. Find a good tailor. What once was seen as an expensive and inconvenient service is now a widely affordable and effective way to better fitting clothes. Stop complaining that nothing ever fits you right and start altering the items you love to fit and flatter your shape.
Amie's Tailoring Tips:
1. Need to find a tailor? Ask around. If friends or family can't recommend one, ask your dry cleaner or favorite salesperson at your regular boutique or department store.
2. If need be, prewash the garment before taking it in for a fitting to be altered. You wouldn't want to alter the item and then have it shrink once alterations have been made.
3. Make sure to wear the same shoes and undergarments that you plan to wear with the garment when you go to your fitting. This will ensure more accurate measurements and a better fit in the end.
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