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Friday, February 10

Community Potluck & Program


Saturday, February 11

Chumash Ethnobotany Talk


Saturday, February 25

Ojai Seed Swap


Saturday, March 3

A World of Citrus Workshop


Saturday, April 21
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6' tables
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10'x10' canopy
Plywood for shelving
  and benches
Literature racks
Utility sink
Low-flow toilet
Outdoor fountain


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Resource Center Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Part-time, paid position


Energy Efficiency Initiative Outreach Coordinator

Temporary, part-time,
paid position


Online Poster

1-3 hours per month, volunteer position


Website Maintenance

½ to 1 hour per week, volunteer position


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Community Gathering and Winter Feast


Save Energy, Save Money and Save the Planet


Winter Feast 1Dear members, please join us for our winter community gathering on Friday, February 10. Mingle with neighbors, share a potluck supper and start the new year right with the evening's program focused on "How to Save Energy, Save Money and Save the Planet."


Coalition Built Environment Council members will discuss all types of programs available to Ojai renters, homeowners and businesses to conserve energy through building and appliance efficiency and explain how you can easily switch to renewable energy. This will also kick off our new 'Ojai Energy Efficiency Initiative' recently funded by Sempra Energy and Southern California Edison grants. The Coalition is using the funds to spread the word on energy programs to help Ojai move toward a "Net Zero" community - producing as much energy as we use.


This is an evening out with good food and good people while gaining information you can use and possibly would not otherwise have known existed. Hosted at the Chaparral Auditorium, 414 E. Ojai Ave., the evening will begin with a meet and greet from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m., food sharing from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., followed by the energy presentation. There will also be information tables to learn about many of the Coalition's activities and other community efforts.Winter Feast 2


Come share and celebrate our winter's bounty with your favorite salad, entrée, or dessert featuring seasonal, local and organic ingredients. To reduce our landfill waste, please bring your own table service (plate, silverware, mug, and cloth napkin). To RSVP or for more information please email or call (805) 669-8445.


Join Us for Ojai's Own
First Annual Community Seed Swap!


Seed SwapSpring is coming, and what better time to gather in the beautiful Ojai Valley to share seeds! All gardeners and farmers - both current and aspiring - are invited to join in the fun on Saturday, February 25, at 1:00 p.m. Bring your seeds, bring your stories, and bring your passion for growing food to the Chaparral Auditorium located at 414 E. Ojai Ave., Ojai.


Ojai's First Annual Community Seed Swap will begin with a short talk by Justin Huhn, co-founder of All Good Things Organic Seeds - southern California's bioregional seed company. Justin will share the basic "how-to's" for beginner seed-savers and delve into the importance of seed saving to our community.


If you have a substantial offering of seeds to share and would like table space for your seeds, please arrive no later than 12:45. This event is hosted by All Good Things Organic Seeds and the Ojai Valley Green Coalition. We hope to see you February 25 at Chaparral. For more information, please contact Justin Huhn at 805-758-3184 or agtoseeds@gmail.com. To learn more about All Good Things Organic Seeds go to www.agtoseeds.com.


to read more click here.


Lighting and Plastic Bag Ban
Ordinances Update


On February 1 the Ojai Planning Commission reviewed a draft lighting ordinance to replace the existing ordinance. Though simpler in form than the ordinance language submitted by the Coalition to the city for consideration, we thought it was a compromise that set a good foundation to start with and could easily be updated as technology and new information became available. Commissioners Kathy Nolan and Marleen Luckman as OVGC board members recused themselves from the discussion and vote. The commissioners ultimately decided to continue the review until the March 21 meeting. Thank you to member Gail Topping, who has single-handedly moved this issue forward. Click here to read the ordinance.


Still to come before the Ojai City Council is a single-use carryout bag ban/fee ordinance. At its basics, the ordinance bans plastic bags and places a fee on recycled content paper bags (state law does not allow a fee to be placed on plastic bags). The council will do its first reading of the ordinance on February 28 at which time the Coalition will give a five minute presentation. The council is tentatively slated to vote on the ordinance March 13. We encourage you to attend these meetings and voice your support (or not) for the ban. At the same time, letters to the editor and online conversations at the Ojai Valley News and Ojai Post help the cause. To read the ordinance go to the city website.


Thank You, Gracias, Merci,
Bedankt, Arigato


Thanks to everyone who has supported our work! Everyone who donated, everyone who volunteered, everyone who took the time to take action in the last year. We came close to our $10,000 goal and feel really good about it. Not only did we raise $7,827.00, but fueled by the optimism from this donor's investment in us, we gained $11,000 additional grant dollars for our community to directly reduce our carbon footprint.


Thanks to our generous financial and in-kind supporters

February 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012


Debra Lisa Adair

Victoria Ajaye

Dawnell Albers

John & Pat Allen

Rae Amey

Christopher Anacker

Bobbie Balderman

Bonnie Bartling

Shed & June Behar

George Berg & Gail Topping


Clyde Blair

Joanie Blaxter

Chris & Jill Borgenson

Bobbie Boschan

Charlie & Caryn Bosson

Tom Bostrom

Otis Bradley

Christine Brennan

Keith Brock

Gene & Dianne Bullard

Thomas Bussler

Jim & Myrna Cambianica

Cindy & Peter Cantle

Jane Carroll

Sheri Ann Cate

Destiny Champion

Betsy Clapp

Garrett & Ann Clifford

Sabine Coble

Anca Colbert

Roger Conrad

Ruth Cooper

Larry Daigle

Marcia Doty & Celeste Matesevac

Dulanie Ellis La Barre

Ruth Farnham

Marty Fast

Frances Fitting

Ted & Claudia Gall

Carol Garramone

Reese Garza

Robert Gluckson & Lyn Wandell

Debbie Godfrey

Diana Goodrow

Meg Goodwin

Randy & Robin Graham

Trina Grantham

Graphics by Olga

Letitia Grimes

Liz Grumette

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Bill Haff

Bill Hak & Carol Wade

Lori Hamor

Maureen Hannah

Dale Hanson

Harrison Industries

Martin Hartman

Evergreen Hericks

Carolyn Hernandez

Jason Hernandez

Julia Heyman

Kara Anne Hooper

Katherine Hope

Brad Hudson

Jennifer Jesu-Anter

Darrell & Glenda Jones

Jim Joseph

Jonathan Katz

Kerry Miller Designer/Builder, Inc.

John Kertis

Len Klaif & Linda Harmon

John Lamar

Norma Lamb

Rosalinda Larner

Evan Laszlo

Christopher Lawson

Richard Lowenthal

David & Lisa Luckenbach

Vina Lustado

Marsha MacDonald-Gade

Frank Malle & Marleen Luckman

Lynn Malone

Lucy Martin

Wally McCall

Franna & Mac McClelland

Dianne McCourtney

Kris McCourtney

Keith & Jammie McCourtney

Sheila McCue

Pat & Julie McPherson

Don & Stephanie Midgett

Cookie Miley

Marilyn Miller

Brenda Milota

Terri Mitchell

Modular Lifestyles

Donald & Allison Monahan

Ched Myers & Elaine Enns

Jon Myhre

Kenley Neufeld & Leslie Davis

Stuart Niebel

Kathy Nolan

Sonia Nordenson


Cathi Nye

Bill O'Brien

Anthony & Angela Ocone

Ojai Olive Oil Inc.

Steve Olsen

Jeff & Liz Otterbein

PC Pros

Joseph Padula & Anne McCauley

Wayne & Deborah Pendrey

Keith & Alisan Peters

Stephen & Rose Marie Pronovost

Rae Amey Enterprises

Colleen Reid

Ruth & Larry Reynolds

Joan Roberts

Larry & Christel Rogero

Elva Rogers

Randy & Renee Roth

Kay Rush

David & Elizabeth Silva

John & Laurie Slade

Lisa Snider

Robert Sorel

Diane Squire

Kale Starbird

Dana Stephens

Erin Stevens

Carlon Strobel

Beth Sutherland

Tom Swetek

Hildegard Tallent

Bob Tallyn & Betsy Bachman

Eileen Taylor

Linda Taylor

Terramor Organic Home

Patricia Torres

Nilufer Torun

Libby Treadwell

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