December 2011 

Issue: #26


Ojai Valley Green Coalition

Food Council

Meet new friends who love good food: Growing it, Cooking it, Eating it

A Season for Sharing 

Have you noticed how people either love or hate the holidays? There isn't much middle ground.  Clearly, one of the big hurdles or areas of resistance is the whole materialism issue, the sense of expectation around buying gifts. As a member of the Green Coalition, and also feeling the pinch of a tight economy,  I began thinking about how we could approach this season with an eye toward ecological living and still have fun with giving. 

I put on my thinking cap and came up with a quick list of ideas  to celebrate the growing, cooking, and sharing of food.

Basically Free:    Cook a meal for a busy person
Volunteer an afternoon to garden with a friend
Print some favorite recipes on notecards & tie with a bow
Offer to share your garden space with someone
Dried herbs from your garden, tied with a ribbon

About $5.00: 
Organic pasta sauce from Westridge Market 
Bag of tangerines from Friends

      Ranch or Churchill Orchards
Homemade cookies
Decoratively wrapped seed packs
      of extra organic seeds that you
      didn't plant this year after all.

About $10.00:  
A garden tool or great pair of gardening gloves

A jar of Ojai Honey  or a bottle of
Ojai Olive Oil's fruity balsamic vinegar (my personal
Ojai Olive Oil
favo rites are fig or pomegranate)

2 Lattes & a Chat at Bohemia's with someone dear.

About $20.00:

Membership in Ojai Valley Green Coalition (201Bu's blend2)
A bag of Malibu Compost to  wake        up you
r garden's soil life 
Randy Graham's new cookbook: 
    Ojai Valley Vegetarian Cookbook
Dinner for two at Garden Terrace,    mid-week pricing  

About $50
A couple of bareroot fruit trees
Cookware from Rains Dept. Store       (20% sale this weekend)
3 hours of gardening/pruning from Irina Kim (290-3032)
Gift certificate to Farmer & the Cook (at any amount really)

Under  $100

Killer gift basket from a local nursery
A living Christmas tree, to help replant the urban forest
Stock freezer with grassfed beef from Watkins (frmr.mkt)
4 Locally caught lobster for New Years Eve (Ideal Seafood)

About $200   
Custom raised beds from Flora Gardens (left, cedar) or Ojai Lumber (redwood w/mesh bottom & soil)

Fun, huh?  That's just a beginning, partial list of the many ways you can share the best of this Valley this holiday.  Every dollar spent in local businesses recycles about 4-7 times in our economy before finally leaving. Every act of kindness or service is worth far more than dollars.  

Thanks for your continuing interest in making the Ojai Valley a more delicious place to live.  Our food system is a vital part of our resilience and strength.


Growing food, growing community!
Dulanie Ellis, Food Council

Ojai Valley Green Coalition  

Upcoming Event
Join me Nov. 29

Signature Gathering Training 
This is the year for us to take back control of our food system and get mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients on our food packaging in California. 

If we get this in California, other states will follow.

For those of you who attended our recent Harvest Gathering last week, and heard my talk, you know how deadly GMO foods are proving to be and how imperative it is that we have the right to know, and the right to choose what we eat and feed our families. 

Organ failure in animals eating GMO grains, sterility and reproductive failure are causing biotech's own scientists to speak out at the cost of their careers.

Whether you gather 3 signatures or 300, we need 850,000 by next April -- so every signature counts.

See you at the

Ojai Grange
381 Cruzero



Contact me if you'd like to see the DVD:


"Scientists Under Attack"  

about the biotech scientists who have been slandered by their own companies for speaking out about the dangers of genetic engineering.



I also have a Powerpoint from the Environmental Working Group about GMOs.



It is estimated that  

75% of food in our grocery stores contain GMO corn, soy or wheat.


Join the Millions Against Monsanto! 








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