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"Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."
~ Robert Heinlein
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February Newsletter


328 Shopping Days Til Christmas!... Just seeing if I got your attention.  The beginning of the month always means different things to different people.  The mortgage or rent is due; in sales we start from zero again; a new pay period begins; we are counting down to the end of the semester or grading period - to name a few.  In 2009, each month with Luna's we are going to focus on a specific topic/theme.  January was all about fitness, not only physical but financial as well.  This month I want to focus on LOVE.  Love in relationships - partner, children, or friends  and love for yourself. 

Last month I mentioned what I wake up to every morning...
This is going to be an ongoing theme throughout the year and Luna's will work to provide different resources to help you accomplish that.  I couldn't have chosen a better month for LOVE.  As we all know, it is Valentine's Day on the 14th (just in case you forgot).  
This month allow Luna's to help you to potentially find love, share love and make sure that you pamper yourself with some love or "tlc". 
Looking for something to do this weekend, visit Luna's Calendar to find out what is going on.. (Put us on your favorites so we are easily accessible.)  
Are you looking for a love?
Luna's met with "It's Just Lunch" last month to learn more about how they work with the individual to find a match.  They are a dating service for single, busy professionals. 

In this age of on-line dating and various web based services, IJL really differentiates itself. You do not have to search the web of candidates to find someone who interests you.  I would analogize it with your friend interviewing potential mates and setting you up with the ones that he/she thinks are compatible with you.  Better yet, did you see the movie "Because I Said So"?  Diane Keaton interviews men for her daughter.  (Really great movie, I would recommend that you see it.)

Jennifer Barbosa is an independent consultant with IJL.   She meets with you to learn about your interests and what you are looking for.  Jennifer then identifies individuals that meet the criteria and arranges a safe meeting place for lunch or drinks.  Remember, it is the month of LOVE.  Take baby steps out of your comfort zone and learn more...  You can contact Jennifer at 617-850-9014 or email via the site.  
Pamper Yourself ... + Valentine's Gift Ideas

Too much bad news and constant shoveling got you down? Consider soothing your spirit and increasing your focus through aromatherapy.

Based on the centuries-old use of pure essential oils, aromatherapy is used to enhance mood and health. At the heart of the evocative scents is their remarkable ability to change how you feel. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy defines aromatherapy ...

Looking for a way to save time and money and still present your sweetheart with something special? Consider giving aromatherapy to lift their spirit and soothe their skin at the same time (and don't forget about yourself!). Arbonne's exclusive blends of essential oils and botanical moisturizers will surround them in pampering and hydration. Whether you choose the benefits of Awaken, Reactivate or Unwind, or prefer to recharge with an in-home spa experience inspired by the sea,
Lisa Cerqueira can create customized gift packages, wrapped and delivered to your home or office, starting at $25. For more information, please visit Beautiful Benefits.

Valentine's Day...
Show the loved ones in your life that they make a difference and that you care.  This can be a simple gesture that let's them know that you are happy that they are in your life. 

If you need help with a last minute gift idea or would like to plan something special to do, please feel free to contact Luna's for some recommendations.

Tax Preparation
It is that time of year when we begin to gather all those envelopes that came in the mail during the month of January that said "tax information".  Now more than ever, you should have a trusting relationship with the individual preparing your taxes.  Their knowledge of the recent tax changes are detrimental to you receiving the money that you deserve.  If you do not feel comfortable with who that individual is, feel free to consult Luna's for some recommendations and introductions.

Here are some new things to be aware of:  Tax Credits Worth Pursuing This Year  and  New Tax Perks You Don't Want to Miss
Thank you for sharing some time with us again this month.  Please feel free to forward information that you feel would be beneficial to share with others. 
If you need the gift of time, give us a call.  Luna's will "Simplify your Life"! 
All the best,

Luci Chalian
Luna's Concierge
Event Planning - How would you like to be a guest in your own home and enjoy an evening with friends and family?  Do you have an upcoming company or client event? Contact Luna's today to begin planning ...
Luna's Concierge Gift Certificates - Great for Valentine's Day. Give the gift of "Time".