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"Do not be too timid & squeamish about your actions.  All life is an experiment." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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January Newsletter


"Happy New Year"!  It is hard to believe that it is 2009.  I feel like it was just Y2K yesterday.  It is common  to reflect this time of year. We ponder our lives and changes we would like to make for a day or so and then get right back in to our routine.  Life is precious should not be taken for granted.
This is what I wake up to every morning.  Make sure you don't fall in to the trap of "I/we're too busy".  Everything is possible if you include it on your schedule and find a balance.  Take baby steps to work towards some of your goals.
This month allow Luna's to help you to complete a personal  inventory and provide suggestions and resources to see if you are physically and financially fit.  Remember, baby steps...
Looking for something to do this weekend, visit Luna's Calendar to find out what is going on.. (Put us on your favorites so we are easily accessible.)  
Physical Fitness
Everyone regardless of age or weight should eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.  Often we feel if we are at a comfortable weight/size and have a good metabolism rate, we do not have to think about these things.  In any case, exercise is useful in managing stress and maintaining a healthy heart.  
Read more... Eating Essentials and  Exercise 101
Financial Fitness
Luna's can help you explore this from a very simple angle. Remember baby steps and ask yourself these questions.
What is my interest rate on my mortgage? Remember mortgage rates are at an all-time low!!! (See Coupon Below.)
When was the last time I requested a competitive quote on my car insurance or homeowner's insurance?  Or thought about increasing my deductible?
Do I pay my bills on time? (Your credit score has never been more affected by this!)
When was the last time I called Verizon or Comcast and inquired about any promotions that would lower my monthly service fee?
How about contacting my credit card company and asking for a better interest rate?  Or ask to waive the annual fee?
Pick up the phone and make these calls.  It will take a maximum of a half an hour and you will feel so empowered after doing so! 
Valentine's Day is around the corner...
Get a head start and think about something unique and thoughtful yet not costly that will make that special someone in your life really feel SPECIAL! 
Luna's would be happy to help you brainstorm for ideas that will have you come up with the perfect gift.  If dinner is in the plans, don't wait too long to make your reservation. 
The following planner incorporates some of the traditional practices with creative variations. Take a look - 
Valentine's Planner
Thank you for sharing some time with us again this month.  Please feel free to forward information that you feel would be beneficial to share with others. 
If you need the gift of time, give us a call.  Luna's will "Simplify your Life"! 
All the best,

Luci Chalian
Luna's Concierge
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