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"I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best.   My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently." 
- Ernest Hemingway
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October/November Newsletter


"Where did the year go?"  I cannot believe that Halloween is two days away and then it's November and before we know it will be December and the chaos that goes with the holidays begins.  At Luna's we continually try to reinforce finding a balance.  Make sure you use your "To DO" list to help manage your day, week and month.  Take time for yourself and friends and family.  The key is to prioritize and stay on task.  Remember, Luna's is here as a resource to help you with whatever you may have on hand. 
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Germ Stopping Advice
We are entering the cold and flu season and we wanted to share/reiterate some behaviors that you can practice to prevent yourself from catching the flu...?  Some of them may be as easy as the basic practice of washing your hands on a regular basis.  Have you heard that the amount of time you should spend washing your hands is equivalent to singing "Happy Birthday" roughly two times?  Read More...
Secret Kitchen Cures 
Were you aware that there are items in your kitchen that have medicinal purposes?  From bananas to treat bug bites; honey to treat skin infections; blackstrap molasses to treat fatigue; garlic to treat the common cold, and so much more...
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Many of us have been affected in some way by someone affected by this deadly disease.  There are many cause marketing campaigns that are out there that support Breast Cancer Programs.  Luna's supports the Friends of Mel Foundation based out of Hingham, MA.  The Foundation provides quality cancer care for the whole patient by funding cancer research, education and support.  If you are interested in learning more about the Friends of Mel Foundation and to make a donation, visit them...
Oops, I forgot to empty my pockets...
How many times have you accidently washed money that you left in your jean pocket?  Do you have money that was damaged by fire?  Maybe you found a buried treasure in your back yard that contained currency but it has deteriorated due to the elements.  Find out how you can replace this money.  Details ...
Thank you for sharing some time with us again this month.  Please feel free to forward us information that you come across that you feel would be beneficial to share with others. 
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Luci Chalian
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