June 200
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Father's Day
How to find the cheapest gas?
Henry David Thoreau

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Luna's Calendar Picks

June 12 -Game 4 -Celtics vs Lakers (in LA) at 9:00pm
June 13/14 -Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers  
June 15 - 11th Annual Taste of Allston - on the Charles River
June 15 - Game 5 -Celtics vs Lakers (in LA) at 9:00pm  
June 17 - Game 6 - If necessary -Celtics vs Lakers (in Boston ) at 9:00pm 
June 19 - Game 7 -If necessary - Celtics vs Lakers (in Boston) at 9:00pm
June 21 -Jay Leno - Lowell Memorial Auditorium
June 22 - Stevie Wonder - Comcast Center
Though summer does not officially begin til June 20th, we are mentally there.  We are planting our window boxes, getting out the lawn furniture and have just about figured out what we will be doing for the next three months in regard to camp, vacation etc.  Well, do we really have everything ready... maybe we could use some help...or maybe we could just about delegate to others what we need to get done so we maximize our time with our families and friends.  Contact Luna's for help in making that chaos in to something calm and relaxing.  Call for a consult now... 
Father's Day  
Father's Day is the day that we let our father's know how much we appreciate them.  In America, it has become a holiday in which card makers and retailers market to us the consumer who waits til the last minute and rushes out to buy something. 
I think the best gift for a father is that of some quality time.  As we get older, my dad would find more value in me spending the afternoon with him catching up or doing something he would like.  Some of us don't have the luxury of living near our fathers so we improvise.  But those of you who do, do not take this precious gift lightly.  You do not need to rush out to the store.   On Sunday, go pick up dad and go out to eat, or watch a sporting event or just hang out at home.  Trust me, he will think that is priceless. 
Just some trivia that I thought I would share with you.  I thought Father's Day was an American day. See how many other countries celebrate Father's Day...
Gas is what...!
The price of gas per gallon is affecting each and every one of us.  It is affecting  our plans for the summer.  Individuals are having to cut back on eating out, any evening out plans and even shopping for clothes.  We need to better manage our travel time to make efficient use of what we may go by along the way so we do not make additional trips out.  Sit down at the beginning of the week and plan your week to not only be efficient on time but with gas as well.  Carpool when you can whether it is to work or to take your child to soccer practice or whatever extra curricular activities they may participate in.    Pre-planning will help with this all.  Whether you are single or have a family the same applies.  
If you don't want to waste time driving to find the least expensive gas in your travels then visit the following sites to search for the cheapest gas..
sunsetTravel with Luna's 
Need help with any travel plans - Personal or Business?  Visit us on the web or contact Luna's now. 

Thank you for joining me each month to share some tips that I feel with help you along the way.  Remember, Luna's is only a phone call away.  Let us know if you or someone you know would benefit from our services.  Need a gift idea?  We have gift certificates.  The gift of time, what a great idea. 

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Luci Chalian
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