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May 2008
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Vermont Weekend Getaway
26 Travel Secrets
TVs Switching to Digital
"Inspiration exists, but it must find you working"
- Pablo Picasso
May 5th - 10th: Mass Art Annual Spring Sale (10am - 7pm) Tower Building Lobby
May 11th:  Mother's Day
May 11th:  Duckling Day Parade (Family event)
May 12th: 
Bon Appetit! Learning with Master Chef Jacky Robert, owner of Petit Robert Bistro (Great Mother's Day Gift)
May 14th - 18th:  Nantucket Wine Festival
May 16th - 18th: Jesus Christ Superstar -Opera House

"April Showers bring May Flowers..."  Well, we have a few flowers and the rain still seems to be around but I think we are getting there.  Now is the time to get out and enjoy time with your family and friends. 
How can you do that "guilt-free"?  Call Luna's Concierge and we will help you manage your "To DO List".  A little help can go a long way.  Call now for a free consultation. 
Vermont Weekend Getaway
If you are ready to escape the stress of daily life, then join Stacey Shipman and Kathleen Burns Kingsbury for a retreat designed for women the weeknd of June 20-22nd.  You deserve a break today. 
Gentlemen, this makes a great Mother's Day or special occasion gift.  Visit and Vermont Weekend Retreat for more information. 
26 Travel Secrets You Need to Know 
Island of PorosWell, it's that time of year.  Schools out and it is time to travel.  Travel and Leisure editors have done research to enlighten us, the consumer, on how to get the most out of travel.  Read 26 Travel Secrets... to learn more.  If you need assistance in planning your travel, contact Luna's Concierge or visit our travel site at
Preparing to go Digital - TVs that is... 
Get ready for the death of analog TV.  TV watchers will soon see a flurry of ads telling them the days of traditional analog television are numbered.  Read More...
As always, I want to thank you for taking some time out of your day for me to share some resources and ideas with you.  If there is something that you would like to hear about, please let me know.  Til next month..
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Luci Chalian
Luna's Concierge
Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11th
Do you have your Mother's Day Gift picked out?  If you have not yet done so, contact Luna's now for assistance.  Show Mom that you appreciate her.