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September 2007
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Sept. 8th - Friends of Mel
Sept. 9th - Grandparents Day
Sept. 14th - 16th - Yankees visit Boston
Sept. 14th - 16th - Boston Home Show
Saturdays & Sundays in September -King Richards Faire
"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."
Winston Churchill

Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially over as we know it.  The kids are back to school, the weather is changing, the traffic has picked up and the cycle of life continues.  We are going to share a few things with you this month. How to change your wardrobe for the seasons, easy ways to go green, and things going on in the Boston area for the month.  Feel free to share any suggestions or requests that you may have.
Change of Seasons
It is that time of year again.  With the change of seasons we need to rearrange our wardrobes.  Ideally, we should go through our clothing four times a year each time the season changes.  However, most people do this twice a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  Here are some tips to help you get through the process:

1.  Schedule time for this task.  Recommendation - two - two to three hour sessions over a two week time frame.

2.  Sort through your closet and dresser separating clothes into categories on your bed. 
3.  Donate or throw away any items you do not want. 
4.  Clothes that have not been worn in a year, that do not fit, or are out of style and will NOT be worn again should be donated or discarded.
5.  Store prior seasons clothes in plastic bins, cedar closet, or garment racks in less accessible areas such as attic or basement.
6.  Make sure like items are placed together and most commonly worn clothes are easily accessible.
7.  Containerize your closet and drawers with shelf/drawer dividers, tie/scarf racks, and sturdy hangers.
8.  Store less worn items in the back or ends of the closet.
9.  Immediately put the donation bag in your car to drop off the next day.
10. Reward yourself for a job well done.

For more information on this process or for additional organizing services, Visit or contact Marea Santos of Santos Organizational Strategies (S.O.S.).


Easy Ways to Go Green
As we continue to begin more environmentally conscious, there are ways that we can begin to  take baby steps in working towards preserving our environment for future generations.  Do you recycle all items that you can possibly recycle?  If your town does not have separate recycling with your weekly refuse pick-up, check with them to see where you can drop-off items.  See how easy it is to take that first step.  
The Friends of Mel Foundation is a MA-based organization that is working to make a difference in cancer research.  They are celebrating their one-year anniversary on September 8th with a day of shopping with local artists at Lisa Marie's Boutique.  More on Friends of Mel...
Did you know?
A great place to shop for designer name bargains.  Visit for Prada, Donna Karan, Diesel, Dolce & Gabana and much more.
Thank you for spending some time with Luna's.  We hope that we can work with you to "Simplify your Life!". 
All the best,

Luci Chalian

Luna's Concierge