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July 18, 2007

"Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our

hearts and we are never ever the same."

- Flavia Weedn (author and artist)

Take Control:  Take a Summer Vacation
Taking Time off Can Ease Stress, but Americans Don't Take Enough of It
According to an survey, 35 percent, or an estimated 51.2 million Americans, will not use all of their vacation days this year.   See Take A Summer Vacation
Are you part of that 35 percent?  Travel with Luna's is here to help.  Luna's Concierge has launched an on-line travel agency to help with your travel needs.  We all need to take time off to recharge our batteries so we can be more productive in the workplace and enjoy family and friends.
What is the biggest thing that often prevents one from taking a vacation?  PLANNING.  Sit down at the beginning of the year and plan when and where you would like to vacation and with whom.  Sometimes this may not even entail leaving the state in which you reside.  Need some ideas, let us know.  I realize that summer has begun and it is the middle of the year but it is not too late to plan something before Labor Day.  The fall is often a good time to travel as well.  Luna's is here to help in any way that we can.
Reminder:  If you think you have too much to do, don't worry, it will all be here when you return.
Need a checklist for travel.  This will help you as you prepare to get away. 
Island of Poros
(The island of Poros in Greece, July 2005)
I hope that you will visit or give me a call when your plans include travel.  
All the best,

Luci Chalian
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