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April 2008

2008 Spirit of St Louis MarathonSpring is here and across the country, millions of people are lacing up their running shoes and hitting the streets for events ranging from 5Ks to marathons! 

TheGreenOffice is doing our part to make these events as green as possible!  At the 2008 Spirit of St Louis Marathon, we were proud to be a sponsor and to supply the race with nearly 200,000 biodegradable, petrochemical-free cups.  The cups helped ensure that post-race cleanup was simple (since they can be simply thrown away), and were a key part of the effort to make the St. Louis Marathon a green-friendly event!
 Office Greening Tip of the Month

Recharge your Battery Supply

Every year, more than 15 billion disposable batteries are sold worldwide. When these batteries are thrown out, they release harmful heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel into  our soil and water supply.

Fortunately, it's easy to make disposable batteries a thing of the past in your workplace and at home. 
  • Purchase reusable batteriesinstead of disposables.
  • Place battery recharging stations in convenient locations throughout your workplace.
  • Find a recycling center that will accept your existing disposable batteries when they are drained.  Many drugstores and camera shops will accept them.
  • Choose solar-powered electronics such as calculators.
Switching to reusable batteries is easy, and not only will you be helping the planet and your community, but you will save save money too!
Tax Season Special
giftbagGreen Goody Gift Bag

Tax season got you down?  Through April 15th all purchases over $200 will come with a free  Green Goody Gift Bag, filled with our favorite sustainable office products.

As always, climate-conscious shipping is free on orders over $49, and orders placed by 2PM will be delivered the next day! Webinar Series

Office Greening WebinarUpcoming Webinars's 2008 Webinar Series continues next week with an encore presentation of Green Purchasing.

Our webinars are designed to help you jumpstart your office greening efforts in a convenient, cost-effective manner. Whether you're interested in Carbon Offsetting, Green Purchasing, or the top-level overview of Greening Your Office 101, these webinars will provide you with the information you need to ensure a green future for your organization - all in about an hour.

Click here to register, and keep an eye out for future webinars on a variety of topics!

Product Samples

We know that it is often difficult to choose among all our green products, so we're now offering samples of some of our top-selling products to help our customers test them out.

Click here to learn more!
Help Us Green the Workplace
 Market Research
As part of her senior thesis project at UC Berkeley, one of TheGreenOffice's summer interns is conducting a survey of attitudes about green product information.  She would really appreciate your input!  The survey takes just a few minutes.

Click here to start this surveyand share your valuable insights!
As always, we greatly appreciate those dedicated customers helping us green the office supply industry by spreading the word.  To forward to a friend, just click the blue link at the bottom of this page.
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