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Bioneers - artwork graciously shared by Diane RigoliAs we mentioned back in September, there's no shortage of events on the 2007 green calendar. Bioneers is arguably the grandmommy of them all, a three-day festival celebrating people, planet, and profit on the shores of a Frank Lloyd Wright-made lagoon.

We Green Officers were lucky enough to attend Bioneers 2007, and if you want to know what we thought about it, check out our full review at!
Carbon Offsetting Webinar
Carbon OffsettingAs "carbon offsetting" becomes more and more of a household term, many of the same questions continue to pop up, in our conversations with friends, customers, and the media alike.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a webinar, so we've taken the liberty of organizing one! This Thursday, we will help shed light on how all the pieces fit together, from "carbon credit" creation, existing market structures, ways to accurately calculate your footprint, and quality assurance criteria for best-practice offsetting.

By the end of this webinar, participants will:
  • Have a clear understanding of the voluntary carbon offset market;
  • Understand how carbon credits are generated, traded, and "retired;"
  • Know how to accurately quantify an organization's carbon footprint;
  • Be able to identify key criteria for procurement of high quality, unassailable carbon offsets;
  • Possess the ability to take an organization carbon neutral.
We invite you to join us for this unique, hands-on exploration of one of the hottest topics in green.

Date: Thursday October 25th
Time: 10AM Pacific Time
Cost: $50
Register Now!
This Month's Featured Products
Colored Tab DividersWith the conference season still in full swing, "connectedness" is the word of the day, and this Refillable Glue Pen will help you make thousands of lasting connections between paper, photo, fabric, or cardboard. Non-toxic and refillable, paste without remorse as you assemble your next project.

Whether you're collecting emails at a conference, signatures on a street corner, or loose papers in an office, these Compuboard Clipboards will help you do it sustainably - and they're good at math. Features auto shut-off, eight digit readout, percent and square root keys, and a giant metal clip. 100% recycled.

We all know about spring cleaning, but why slight fall? Get a jump on year's end organization with these colorful tab dividers. Seven pre-punched holes take the guesswork out of finding the right divider for your particular binder - this one fits almost all! Feel good about your organizing, as high post-consumer recycled content means more trees stay in the forest.

As always, we greatly appreciate those dedicated customers helping us green the office supply industry by spreading the word.  To forward to a friend, just click the blue link at the bottom of this page. 

Sincerely, Team