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July 2007, v.2 i.7
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We're sending this month's newsletter a few days early because we have some big news to share with you. Not big in the universal sense, but if you had been present at Global HQ last Friday at 7:04pm, you would have seen a group of Green Officers so boundlessly happy that you could be excused for thinking something truly and globally wonderful had just happened.

We no longer have a sluggish website.

HourglassFor the past few weeks, site speed has been something of an elephant in the room for us. Sometimes it just sat there; sometimes it got between a customer and the web page she wanted to look at. As more and more people started visiting our site, the elephant became increasingly belligerent, stepping on customers' toes, biting administrators' wrists. By mid-July, it was out of control.

We have since subdued the elephant.

The story of how we did this is as long and heartbreaking as it is dull, but suffice it to say it's fixed, and we're more than a little embarassed that it took us this long to figure out how. We hope you'll accept our sincerest apologies, as well as our most heartfelt thanks for continuing to shop with us during these weeks of exceptionally slow navigation.

To that end, we'd like to give you a coupon code (104SPEED) good for 10% off your next order. It's been inspiring to see how many people share our vision of a truly sustainable workplace, and we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to make office greening quick, easy, and cost-effective at every step of the way.

Thank you again for your patience!

Sincerely, Team
Featured Products
Saunders' Recycled Opaque Plastic ClipboardsThis month's featured products have been selected with an eye towards balancing summertime work and play.

Wouldn't it be nice to bring your work outside for a bit? With Saunders' Recycled Opaque Plastic Clipboards, you might just be able to, though we encourage you to check with management before actually walking out the door. Marvel at the rugged, 100% recycled construction; thrill to the brilliant, eye-catching colors; shake your head in wonder as a passing child points and cries, "Look, a laptop made out of paper!"

Digital technology may hold sway over much of the workplace, but who among us can say they don't still need the occasional envelope? Some of us can't imagine life without them. Envelopes have always formed the backbone of civilized discourse in America - cool, crisp vessels of information, uniting workers, lovers, businesses, friends and strangers alike. That's why we're so proud to feature Envirotech #10 White Envelopes - chlorine free and made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, these Earth-friendly envelopes are the Audrey Hepburn of office products, and arguably greener than carrier pigeons.

Nothing says "carefree good times" like sipping an ice cold drink through one of our NatureWorks Biodegradable Straws. Carefree because they're made from 100% biodegradable corn polymers; good times because straws are just inherently fun, especially straws without the emotional baggage of polypropylene. Possessing a heat tolerance of 140 degrees fahrenheit, they're even good for extremely hot drinks, though your mouth probably isn't.
Nice Day For A Green Wedding

The Green Wedding

Finally, we're proud to announce that's very own Alex Szabo and Renee Fazzari are tying the knot this weekend, in true sustainable style. Everything from cake plates to carpools to catering and accommodation has been organized as sustainably as possible, with the remaining emissions calculated and neutralized using Green Office Offsets™.

Congratulations Alex and Renee!

As always, we greatly appreciate those dedicated customers helping us green the office supply industry by spreading the word.  To forward to a friend, just click the blue link at the bottom of this page. 

Sincerely, Team