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Whether or not you have a loved one in school, it's hard not to feel like summer vacation is, at long last, upon us. But with rising temperatures come rising energy costs, so there's no better time of year to really focus on conservation. In this month's issue, we highlight a new online resource that helps take the research out of responsibility, as well as a handful of truly innovative "dark green" office products that we're proud to have on our shelves. But first...
The Green Office Blog
The Green Office Blog
Our big news for June is that The Green Office Blog has officially gone live.

There's not much there, yet, but we plan on posting at least once a week, sometimes more, on whatever seems thought-provoking or newsworthy in the green space. Editorials, green tech showcases, the occasional interview - there's more going on today than anyone can possibly stay abreast of, so we'll try to shed some light on the people, places, events and technologies that may not have made it into the mainstream.

Please stop by and let us know what you think!
Featured Products
"Repocket" by Sustainable GroupWe at are always on the lookout for new and better ways to go green. Here are some of our favorite products currently in stock:

Weighing in at under a dollar, Sustainable Group's Repocket is a streamlined presentation folder that goes everywhere their flagship Rebinder can't: specifically, your briefcase. This little dynamo boasts two open pockets and a die cut business card slot, into which can be stuffed all manner of presentable materials. The 20 point, unbleached, 100% recycled chip board exterior ensures that the only thing dropping at your next team meeting will be coworkers' jaws.

Artistic's Rhinolin Formula One Desk Pad is the office product of the future. Like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2, it's antibacterial, with a firm, self-healing surface that cannot be harmed by pens. Unlike the Terminator, it's made from all-natural materials and is 100% biodegradable, giving you all the advantages of a virtually indestructible work surface with none of the guilt. Available in a variety of shapes: oval, dome, rectangle, and octagon.

Finally, we have Windsoft's Center-Flow Perforated Towel Roll. It's hardly the stuff of legend, but this quiet and unassuming roll of paper towels nevertheless steps up to the line and meets every single one of the EPA's Procurement Guidelines. In situations where the use of cloth towels or air dryers just isn't feasible, Windsoft's 100% recycled content, 60% post-consumer paper towels make for one of the greenest options available anywhere.
Green Tips Contest

Office Greening TipsSeveral of our alert readers pointed out that last month's newsletter praised ShoreBank Pacific's office efficiency guide for being so comprehensive, then only shared two of its thirty-three tips. We have since rectified the situation by publishing ShoreBank Pacific's winning entry, in its entirety, at our blog. Let us know if we missed anything!

Spotlight On: SustainLane

Finally, we'd like to introduce you to this month's featured green service affiliate, is the online space where you can voice your opinion about all sorts of green products and businesses. It's your chance to share what you know with others about going green. Share what you've tried, what you loved, and what was well . . . awful. Also--discover great new products or find local businesses by searching its community powered directory, containing thousands of listings and user reviews full of opinions and useful details to make shopping green easier than ever.

SustainLaners love The Green Office!  Check out what people are saying:

5 out of 5 stars

"Seriously, they pretty much have everything you could need for your office, and they've even got school supplies for your kids. Also, the two guys who started this company in San Francisco are extremely dedicated and passionate about what they do. It's a high calling, given that our offices often off-gas a plethora of VOC's and contain many toxic substances. . . . click here to read more."
-Jeanette L., San Francisco

Visit SustainLane and share your thoughts about Add your business listing, read user opinions, or write your own green reviews.  Sign up and start reviewing your favorite products today!

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