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May 2007, v.2 i.5
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Spring is here again, with another Earth Day come and gone. What did you do to celebrate? More importantly, what will you continue to do now that the fanfare has died down? In this issue, we plan to showcase some great ways to make green living both effortless and economical. But first... Carbon Offsetting
CO2 NeutralWe at are pleased to announce the launch of our Carbon Offsetting Service!

"Carbon offsetting" has spent a lot of time in the spotlight recently. As an emerging market, it has generated its fair share of confusion among would-be purchasers, and a handful of missteps from its early days have caused some to be skeptical of the industry as a whole.

That's why we have spent the last two years immersing ourselves in the field, learning how to tell a CER from a REC and researching the verification and auditing practices of the 30+ resellers already in the marketplace.

The result? We are now confident that our Green Office Offsets™ are the highest quality offsets available anywhere, period. And the fact that they are integrated as the third step of our Total Office Greening process (sustainability consulting > green procurement > carbon offsetting) means that Green Office Offsets™ are truly the greenest offsets on Earth.

For a far more detailed explanation of our sources, methodologies, and Total Office Greening philosophy, visit
Spotlight On: DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the largest web hosting providers in the world. The employee-owned company has prided itself on providing affordable, best-in-class hosting services to the online community for ten years, so it was only natural that they turned to when they decided to "Go Green."

Using's Office Footprint Calculator, CEO Dallas Bethune was able to calculate "the impact of everything that DreamHost uses and leaves behind in the course of our daily work," from "paper in the office" and "electricity for our servers" to "even the gas in our cars that bring us to the office."

As a result, DreamHost has undertaken a series of office efficiency measures and invested in enough Green Office Offsets™ to neutralize the carbon footprint of not just their own organization, but the 500,000+ websites on their servers as well!

As with all of our Green Office Offsets™ customers, will continue to work with DreamHost, helping them meet their triple bottom line as the organization continues to grow.

Featured Products
Sustainable Group RebinderAs for the offline portion of your worklife, here are a few of the products we currently offer that benefit both people and planet:

Sustainable Group's Rebinder is the kind of product we love showing off. Environmentally friendly? Check: 100% recycled materials, with a Co-op America Business Seal of Approval. Practical? Double check: the Rebinder is both sturdier and, in our opinion, sexier than the smelly, peeling vinyl binder of yesteryear. Affordable? Checkmate: on top of everything else, the Rebinder is cost-competitive with any other binder on the market. And did we mention they're assembled by Goodwill Industries?

Next, we'd like to introduce you to Earthwrite's humble #2 recycled pencil. How does one recycle a pencil, you ask? By taking 60% post-consumer recycled newspaper and pressing it into a PMA Certified nontoxic casing, that's how. Earthwrites cost less than the Dixon Ticonderogas you grew up with, use the same kind of lead, and are just as easy to sharpen.
Finally, we have the quiet, Zen-like brilliance of GreenPrint. This simple piece of software makes friends with your printer and, with a single click of a button, removes those wasteful end pages you didn't really want anyway, saving time, ink, paper, and energy. GreenPrint is one of our premier green service affiliates, and if you use the promo code 2GRW-SE33-GBRO-UIH2 you can try out their Enterprise version free for 60 days.
Green Tips Contest - We Have A Winner!

Cactus TipsThanks to everyone who submitted office greening tips for last month's contest! There were a lot of really great and innovative ideas. Here are our favorites:

The Reverend Megan Rohrer from The Welcome Ministry writes, "Did you know that entering the names of all the former employees can save the earth?  We went to and got their names removed from junk/bulk mailing lists of major companies."

Kathie Thompson from Marshall and Martz Dentistry adds, "Sometimes we just can't avoid the paper trail, so what we do here is shred the legalistic documents and the doctor takes the shredded paper home to use in the hamster cage....great way to recycle."

First prize, however, goes to ShoreBank Pacific, whose thirty-three point office efficiency guide includes everything from installing modular carpet squares (to reduce replacement waste) to making showers and bike storage available (for carbon neutral commuters)! Congratulations to ShoreBank Pacific, who will be receiving a Triggerwood pen and tree-free paper gift set from

As always, we greatly appreciate those dedicated customers helping us green the office supply industry by spreading the word.  To forward to a friend, just click the blue link at the bottom of this page. Team