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Don't know about you, but this year April Fool's was eclipsed by the growing buzz in anticipation of Earth Day - we'll have to get you next year.  In this issue we attempt to put the annual celebration of our planet into perspective, highlight a manufacturer that's leading the pack, expose another batch of our favorite products, and announce a contest for tips on office greening.
Earth Day 2007 - Mainstreaming Green
Cactus TipsOn April 22, 1970, 20 million people participated in the inaugural Earth Day.  Today the sustainability movement is activating an even wider range of stakeholders who are bringing the values of people and planet to the mainstream.  As Tom Friedman, the man who called the world flat, recently proclaimed: "Green is the new Red, White, and Blue."  At, we're seeing demand for sustainability consulting pour in from traditionally "brown" businesses.  The cultural underground is going green with events like New York's "Project Earth Day" eco-fashion show.  And, to our infinite amusement, the characters from Days of Our Lives are planning their first green wedding.

On this 27th Earth Day, we're inspired by these innovative, creative, and diverse endeavors.  The groundwork has been laid for building a new green economy supported by vibrant communities and a thriving planet.  To learn more and get involved check out the Earth Day Network 
event finder to see what's going green in your area.
Manufacturer Highlight:  Equal Exchange

Traditionally, on Earth Day we recommit to the health of our environment.  But efforts to honor the earth must consider the well-being of human communities as well.  As a triple-bottom-line business, seeks to promote manufacturers supporting fair trade, community, and worker health.  Offering organic, fair-trade coffee, tea, and cocoa produced through small farmer organizations throughout the global south, Equal Exchange endeavors to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound.  The company is worker-owned with a maximum salary ratio of four-to-one from president to line worker.   Know of a venture working to benefit all stakeholders?  Email us for possible inclusion in future manufacturer highlights.

Featured Products
Coffee PaperHere are a few of the products we currently offer that benefit people and planet:

Equal Exchange Coffee: Stock your company's kitchen with this classic organic Colombian roast sourced from small farmer co-ops in Caldas, Colombia and feel good about your morning cup o' joe.

Recycled Coffee Paper: EcoPaper uses the agricultural bi-products from coffee bean plants in combination with post-consumer paper waste to produce an elegant, marbled "tree-free" paper perfect for invitations, resumes, and special programs.  And if that's not enough, a percentage of sales are donated to a scholarship fund for Latin American youth studying sustainable agriculture.

Newman's Own Organic Popcorn: With organic corn and palm oil (instead of hydrogenated or trans fats used in other popcorns), you can feel good about this healthy snack.  Feel even better knowing that Newman's Own donates all profits and royalties to charity, totaling over $200 million in contributions since 1982.
Green Tips Contest - Special Prize!

Cactus TipsHave an office greening tip that saves energy or natural resources?  Send it along to with subject line "Green Tip".  We will publish the top tips in our next newsletter and the 1st place winner will receive a prize package of some of our greenest products - a Triggerwood pen with refill and a box of beautiful tree-free coffee paper.

As always, we greatly appreciate those dedicated customers helping us green the office supply industry by spreading the word.  To forward to a friend, just click the blue link at the bottom of this page. Team