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The start of 2007 has seen a flurry of news on climate change.  The leading international network of climatologists recently concluded that global warming is "unequivocal" and that human activity is the main driver of temperature increases since 1950 (NY Times, 2/2/07).  The upside is a new wave of enthusiasm for addressing the threats.  "Carbon Neutral," for instance, was Oxford's word of the year and the term climate change even found its way into the State of the Union address!  We hope you'll read on to find a few more ways to partner with and lighten your footprint on our fragile planet.
Carbon Offsets Coming Soon!
Has all the recent media buzz inspired you to do more for the Earth?  Beginning in March, will offer an easy way to calculate and offset the carbon emissions associated with your workplace.  Carbon offsetting is the act of neutralizing CO2 emissions by purchasing the rights to emission reductions created elsewhere, often, though not exclusively, through the generation of clean, renewable energy.  Our certified, top-quality offsets contribute to real emission reductions that otherwise would not have occurred without your investment.  Watch for our big launch in the coming weeks!

Carbon offsetting is the third and final step in office greening.  Step one is to reduce your energy and resource consumption (for guidance, we offer online resources through our Greening Guide, including access to our network of sustainability consultants). Step two is to buy green.  As you well know, offers thousands of products designed to lighten your ecological footprint.  And now in March, you'll be able to take that third step, neutralizing the impact of all the carbon emissions you just can't eliminate.
Buying Bloc Program

The Buying Bloc Program at provides an opportunity for customers to reduce prices on everything from paper to printers.  Organizational consortiums, businesses with several branches, or just a group of loosely-affiliated partners can enter into a Buying Bloc where the purchasing power of the group allows to provide significant volume discounts.  We make it easy for Bloc members to buy and receive product shipments individually, at any time, with no minimum volume requirement.  We also provide a special log-in so that members can see discounts as they shop.

If you are part of a group of organizations or businesses that would appreciate lower prices on green office products, please send an email inquiry to or call us at 800.909.9750 and we'll provide all the details.
Great February Deals!

Recycled Paper: If you do as much printing as the average office, you'll want to check out our great selection of recycled paper.  This Wausau 100% post-consumer content multipurpose paper is certified by Green Seal, a leadership standard for environmentally preferable products earned through rigorous on-site evaluation of the manufacturer.

Desktop Organizer: Ok, so it's February and you thought you'd have your big organizing overhaul done by now.  If you're still looking for a place for those important documents, try our Earth Smart Office desktop pad with clear cushioned overlay made from 85% recycled tires.

Cushioned Mailers: With lots of options for sending fragile packages, we recommend the Jiffy Padded Mailer, with 90% recycled fibers, 50% post-consumer material, and none of those petroleum-based plastic bubbles.  Stock up before your annual reports and promotional cds go out the door!

As always, we greatly appreciate those dedicated customers helping us green the office supply industry by spreading the word.  To forward to a friend, just click the blue link at the bottom of this page. Team