February 2012 The Clubmaker Report
Sponsored by the new Aldila RIP Phenom
Sorry that it has been a few weeks since the last Clubmaker Report. I've been gathering information since the PGA Show in Orlando on all of the new goodies for 2012.

Typically the new stuff doesn't start to arrive until sometime in March. A few companies released their 2012 products in the fall and they're shipping now (the hot UST VTS line comes to mind).

This will be a short and sweet Clubmaker Report this week, with news on the new club line I'm carrying from a company called Krank Golf.

They took the top 6 places this year in the Remax LongDrive Championship and I plan on making them my "go to" driver for 2012.

Aldila RIP Phenom
  Aldila Phenom
I've been bugging sponsor Aldila twice a week since November to try and nail down a ship date on their new "Phenom" shaft series. It looks like it will still be a few weeks out on this one, probably a hot OEM shaft so they're behind a bit shipping the component.

Here's the information on the new shaft: Available in 70 gram and a superlight 50 gram version in R (5.4t), S(4.8t), X(4.2t), and TourX(3.8t) flexes. Same price as the other RIP shafts at $199. According to Aldila, the RIP Phenom's hyperbolic flex zone provides a stiff tip section for optimal launch and spin control, with a very firm butt section for incredibly stable feel, with the center section of the shaft is softer to provide outstanding kick through impact to maximize ball speed.

I've been taking pre-orders so send me a note if you'd like to get in on the early batches.

Krank Golf Rage Drivers
  Krank Golf
I enjoy finding smaller companies that are on the verge of big things.

Krank has been around for a few years quietly toiling in relative obscurity on the professional longdrive circuit.

That is until 2010. Krank shocked the longdrive community with a win in the Open Division, Senior Division, and the Legends Division.

This year would prove that their victory in 2012 was no fluke, winning the top SIX spots in the Open Division.

While Krank's expertise is building drivers for guys with 150 mph + swingspeeds that hit drives 450 yards +, Krank was looking for someone with expertise making clubs for "Muni-Rats" and average golfers with swings considerably less than 450 yards.

That's where yours truly comes in.

Krank Drivers are available in lofts from 6 degree to 12 degrees in both right and left handed.

Their secret lies in tweaking the metal in their drivers so the body is rigid so little energy is lost (it flexes 1/3 less than most OEM drivers) and the face is allowed to flex giving distance with the stored energy.

Krank sells their driver with an upgrade Aldila Authority Tour shaft for $399. My price will be $349.95. The Aldila Authority Tour is a made-for shaft and is based on Aldila's high-end/premium shaft model. This combination is for stronger players (say 100 mph + swings).

Krank sells their entry level model with a stock head/shaft combination for $299 with an Aldila Authority standard shaft model. I've decided not to sell that combination but to feature superlight weight shafts in my assembled Krank Rage drivers at this price point.

You'll have your choice of a 45g shaft in L(5.4torque), A(5.4t), R(4.6t), or S (4.5t) flex shafts in up to 12 deg lofts.

The second shaft at the $299 price point is a 50g superlite. A bit lower torque (4.0 in L or A, 3.5 in R or S).

Moving up to a bit more expensive shaft, you'll get the SK Fiber Pure Energy (48" raw, 59g and 4.0 torque in L/A/R/S flex) for $325. I also have a line on the re-introduced Graman "Limey" UL440. 3.3 torque, 57g, at 48"...the day glo yellow color of the Limey is a thing to behold. Not for the feint of heart. I can build with these two shafts from 45-50". Same $325 price point.

I can build your Krank driver with about any shaft made (basically only the Aldila shaft is available through Krank).

I've built them with the House of Forged XX flex longdrive shafts that were used by the longdrive champs ($499), my personal favorite, the new UST VTS ($450), a Mitsubishi Whiteboard ($599)...let your imagination run wild. Follow the link below to see pictures of the clubhead from different angles (choice of black or white clubhead color). Send me a note to talk about having your Krank Rage driver built for you. My buddy Alvin Cruz (formerly VP at Integra) has joined the great gang at Krank Golf and promises to take care of my loyal Clubmaker Report customers.


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