November 2010 The Clubmaker Report
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Aldila RIP
  Article Subheading Aldila RIP Golf Shaft
Check out my launch and spin chart at . The chart shows how each piece of the Aldila shaft puzzle fits in comparison to one another. Looks like the RIP fits in the low spin/mid-low launch zone, great for you heavy hitters and rainmakers looking to bring your ball trajectory down a bit. I offer the full line of Aldila products, including their excellent taper tip and parallel tip iron shafts for those of you looking to reshaft your irons with graphite to help a bit on the wear and tear on your body vs. steel shafts.

I specialize in Taylormade and R9 reshafts (including the latest models) and I suggest the Aldila RIP for most of my clients. I use a high quality aftermarket sleeve and your new shaft will arrive ready to be installed in your R9. Email me at for a price quote. The RIP is also available as a component and I'd like to offer free shipping on all Aldila shafts.

Yamada Putters At Australian Masters
I was excited to see Euro Tour player Daniel Gaunt leading the Australian Masters using a Yamada Milled putter.

It's quite a field with Tiger Woods (defending champion), Garcia, Ogilvy, and Villegas vying for $1,500,000 in prize money.

Tohru Yamada has been hand crafting putters for Tour pros for years and decided recently to offer his putters that were until recently only available to pros.

While most of the bigger companies use a more cost effective harder steel, Yamada opts for the more expensive softer steel to provide golfers with more feedback and control with their putting. Yamada putters are available in four unique finishes. My favorite is Burning Copper. It has a great soft feel and looks fantastic.

I can offer Yamada milled putters assembled ($425) or as a component. Email me for component pricing or to talk about the various models and finishes. I also offer Yamada's Dream 54 putting aid. The simple theory of Dream 54 is to keep the putter face square on target with less moving body parts, providing a dynamic, simple & most of all more compact putting stroke.

Take some time and check out the Yamada putters at the link below and send me a note for ordering information.

Fujikura Blur
  The Fastest Shaft in Golf
Great looking new innovative superlight shaft coming from Fujikura called the Blur. Here's some information I dug up from Dave Schnider, president of Fujikura ,on the new shaft:

The Blur is the centerpiece of Fujikura's new lightweight platform. "It's the lightest weave we've ever encountered by far," Schnider said. He added that the VEXX woven-fabric lends itself to a lighter weight but also has the feel, torque and stiffness properties associated with a heavier shaft. Schnider said the company will offer a 55-gram and 65-gram shaft for Tour players, and a sub 50-gram and sub 60-gram shaft will be available when the Blur is launched soon (MSRP of $299).

The designers at Fujikura have crafted a super lightweight shaft taking full advantage of our proprietary VEXX carbon interweave (picture of a piece of this below). VEXX is the most innovative construction of ultra light and ultra thin carbon tapes woven together. Fujikura has once again pushed the boundaries to create VEXX, and it is one of the lightest and thinnest carbon weaves ever created. Its use completely opened up the design space of lightweight shafts, resulting in optimal stiffness, enhanced feel, and greater distance without sacrificing control. Standard carbon weaves are made from carbon tows with circular cross-sections. These tows must crimp as they go over and under each other as they're woven. Since VEXX is woven from flat, thin tapes, these crimps are greatly reduced. VEXX puts more fibers in the direction of the loading and enables a stronger, stiffer, and more responsive structure.

I've got a stiff flex 55 gram model coming to test and there are a limited quantity available for sale (installed in your driver or a R9 sleeve only). I'm planning on offering it as a premium upgrade in my new Traverse HiCor 190 gram clubhead that's coming in a few weeks

Powerbilt Airforce One Driver Component Head
I can get my hands on the Powerbilt Airforce One Nitrogen filled driver heads and sell as a component, while supply lasts. Price is $99.95 each for the heads. Here's information from Powerbilt.

Send me a note at for component head ordering information. I'd be happy to build you a driver with this head with your shaft choice, too. Price on assembled depends on the shaft you choose. I can get the Tour or MOI version in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12.5 at $99.95 and even a Japanese model they offer ($120) I've read quite a few very positive reviews on this head, and it seems that this design is no gimmick. One site claims that it's the longest driver they've tested for 2010.

BestGrips Puttershoes Putter Covers
Clubmaker Online sponsor BestGrips specializes in geniune leather sports grips. They've got a nifty new grip called the gridiron that is made from the same leather as NFL footballs. They also offer exotic skin putter grips. Their leather grips feature a proprietary Pro-tack leather treatment provides a positive, active adhesion between your hand and the leather. The leather is moisture activated so the tack increases just when you need it.

Their latest product is a leather putter headcover line called PutterShoes designed by international artist Jol van de Kar. They've got tons of pictures of Puttershoes designs at the link below.

Hot Shots
The ReMax World Longdrive Championship was last weekend and the Open division winner was Joe Miller. 16 year old Dom Mazza stunned the longdrive world by calming beating out the best in the world to make it to the finals, only to lose to veteran Joe Miller. Watch the event on ESPN this December.

A few of the companies that I represent did very well. The 3rd and 8th place open contestants used a Geek driver and House of Forged longdrive shafts were used by 7 of the top 9 Open contestants. A Fujikura shaft was used by the winner and the new Aldila RIP longdrive shaft was used by the 6th place contestant. I specialize in longdrive equipment and would be happy to help you choose the right components.

Two trends coming in golf equipment for 2011 can be summed up in two words, "light and white". I've seen some pictures of white drivers from Cobra and Taylormade that look sharp, though judging from some online comments I've read, beauty is in the eye of the beholder on these. I've spotted all white putters, grips, and shafts.

Lightweight drivers are going to be hot for 2011, too. I get a lot of requests from seniors and other golfers looking to build a nice lightweight driver that they can handle and squeeze out a few extra yards that they might have lost. To do this, you need a lightweight clubhead and shaft combination and until now, a lightweight clubhead under 200 grams has been tough to find.

I decided to fill this void in the component marketplace by offering one of the first superlight clubheads. It's 190 grams with two removeable 5 gram screws (for a 180g head!) . I'm also offering 1 gram screws for a 182 gram clubhead weight. (Remove the two 5 g screws and replace with the 1g screws to get to 182g). Combine with a 50 gram (or lighter) shaft and lightweight grip and you'll have a 255g-285g driver at 47".

Check the new head out at the link below. Production is scheduled for November 14 and I should have the heads a few weeks after that. Pre-orders have accounted for half of my first batch so if you're interested in trying out a superlight, you might consider placing a preorder.


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