October 2010 The Clubmaker Report
Brought to you by the Aldila RIP
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Aldila RIP
  Aldila RIP Golf Shaft
Check out my launch and spin chart at http://www.clubmaker-online.com/products/aldila.launch.html . It's a nice chart showing how each piece of the Aldila shaft puzzle fits in comparison to one another. Looks like the RIP fits in the low spin/mid-low launch zone, great for you heavy hitters and rainmakers looking to bring your ball trajectory down a bit. I offer the full line of Aldila products, including their excellent taper tip and parallel tip iron shafts for those of you looking to reshaft your irons with graphite to help a bit on the wear and tear on your body vs. steel shafts.

I specialize in Taylormade and R9 reshafts (including the latest models) and I suggest the Aldila RIP for most of my clients. I use a high quality aftermarket sleeve and your new shaft will arrive ready to be installed in your R9. Email me at jhm@clubmaker-online.com for a price quote. If you like to tinker with your clubs, the RIP is also available as a component. In 60 and 70 series, try the 70 series in a fairway wood, nice combination.

A great clubhead/shaft combination for big hitters is the Geek DCT and an Aldila RIP. The Geek head is used by a lot of longdrive guys ( dueling it out in Mesquite Nevada this weekend) and the combination aggressive center of gravity in the head and RIP technology in the shaft will offer high hitters and longball hitters a nice mid launch with lots of roll out. Geek head is here http://www.clubmaker-online.com/products/geek.dct.html . Available as a component or assembled.

MFS Matrix Clearance
There are a handful of the older Matrix MFS65-Matrix and MFS75-Matrix and Matrix2 model shafts left in stock that I'm offering on clearance. They were the precursor to the $400 Matrix Ozik Altus, with full Zylon and it's a great shaft for a great price. Clearance continues on the premium Matrix MFS Matrix shafts this week, until they're gone. Most flexes and colors (orange or blue) still available.

Sale price on these at $110. In A, R, F, S, Strong, X, and XX flex in orange or blue. http://www.clubmaker-online.com/mcc/matrix.html to order (full price will appear on orderform, I bill it manually at the sale price from the web form).

Powerbilt Airforce One Nitrogen Drivers
  Components or Assembled OEM Driver
Sale continues this week on the Powerbilt Airforce One Nitrogen filled drivers.

I can get my hands on the Powerbilt Airforce One Nitrogen filled driver heads and sell as a component, while supply lasts. Price is $99.95 each for the heads. Here's information from Powerbilt. https://www.powerbilt.com/cart/index.php/driver-air.html Send me a note at jhm@clubmaker-online.com for component head ordering information. I'd be happy to build you a driver with this head with your shaft choice, too. Price on assembled depends on the shaft you choose. I can get the Tour or MOI version in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12.5 at $99.95 and even a Japanese model they offer ($120)

I've read quite a few very positive reviews on this head, and it seems that this design is no gimmick. One site claims that it's the longest driver they've tested for 2010.

Skins Leather Headcovers
  Christmas Is Only 8 Weeks Away??
I know some of you are still cleaning up from your end of summer Labor Day party, but you might take note that Thanksgiving is about 4 weeks away and Christmas about 8 weeks.

I've been offering Skins Leather headcovers at my site for about 14 years. I get email all the time from folks that have had these in their bag for years and they usually lose them before they wear out.

The Skins Leather headcovers make great gifts and are made in the USA. They're made to order for me and can take the better part of 3 weeks to ship. This means if you order this week, you'll be pretty much done shopping by Thanksgiving and can work on important things like your golf swing (if you're lucky enough to live in a warm climate). I really like the all Red leather clubglove model for a Christmas gift, all white is cool, too.

I made a little HD video so you can get an idea of the quality of the Skins covers. Yours truly did the voice over and guitar playing. A real one man band. Check it out at the link below, there's a link there to take you to a page with more information and to the order page. I don't have every combination listed at the order page, if you have something special in mind, send me a note and I'll see what I can do.


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