October 2010 The Clubmaker Report
Brought to you by the new Aldila RIP and E21
I've got some exciting news on my new Senior longdrive club I've been developing, some special component and assembled pricing on E21 irons and hybrids, and news about another PGA Tour win with the Aldila RIP.
Senior Longdriver
I've had a chance to test the new "senior" clubhead we talked about recently and I've decided to go ahead with it. I matched it up with a UST AXIVCore Blue 59g shaft and a 35 gram grip and have had the longest drives of the summer with it. I can't guarantee how many yards you'll pick up but I think you'll be very pleased with the head. I let my 78 year old father in law try mine when we played last week. The club was too stiff for him (built for my 103 mph ss) and the loft too low (10 deg instead of 12 deg he needs) and I warned him it probably wouldn't work for him, but he hit it anyway. He hit it off the tee and said "I don't like it". He picked up his regular driver and put a good swing on it and came up 10 yards short!

The assembled weight with the combination I tried was about 280g and 46.5", about 10% lighter than most drivers weigh at 45". I'd suggest nothing less than 45.5" final length for men, 44.5" or so for ladies and you can go up to 48" with it. The sample head I received came in at 190 grams and I've decided to go with that weight. So I can afford to offer both a 10 deg and 12 deg loft and to speed delivery time, I'm going to ship the first batch or two without any logo's or markings on the sole of the club. The head has a very clean look and I'm paying extra to have the highly polished sole done and it looks great without any logos. I'll probably have to add some sort of small logo in future versions but will keep this one nice and simple. The superlight clubhead calls for a more flexible shaft than you typically play so it will play to the correct flex. If you typically play a Regular, go with an A flex. If an A flex, then you'll need an L flex so it will play properly (the lighter head will make the club play "stiffer" so you have to account for this).

I'd be happy to help you choose the right shaft, send me a note or call me at 810.923.7396 to talk about it or to discuss an assembled club. I'm going to do a pre-order special and knock off $50 for orders placed before October 25 details and orderform are at the link below.

E21 Clearance, Components and Assembled
  emc2 irons
I've got a line on clearance pricing on some E21 hybrids and irons. Available assembled with their Scandium shafts or the heads are available as a component. About The e21 Eagle One Scandium Shafts-- e21's Scandium Alloy shafts are manufactured using a proprietary 25-step production process to create a seamless, extruded shaft. Variable wall thickness and the alloy's high tensile strength results in a vibration dampening system called ShockBlok with 270% better shock attenuation than steel shafts that protects golfers' bodies, bones and joints. Each e21 shaft is made from a single piece of Scandium Alloy resulting in unmatched consistency from club to club as well as unprecedented accuracy and an industry leading torque of as low as 1.4.

I play the hybrid and really like it. For those of you looking for an anti-left hybrid, this is a great club. It's open a degree or so and the Scandium shaft is tight. The assembled irons were about $1,100 a few years ago, the hybrids $179.

Here's the pricing and specs, assembled or component: Element 21 Scandium Hybrids Emc2 Hybrids (assembled) $49.99 E21 Scandium Eagle One Alloy Shaft Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip 18*, 20*, 23 & 26* Degrees of Loft Stiff & Regular flex, Men's right hand only Emc2 Hybrid Heads (components) $19.99 1. Progressive Offset for Maximum Trajectory 2. CNC milled scorelines control width and depth dimensions 3. High strength steel face plate to increase ball speed 4. Open face angle for straighter shot pattern 5. Low weighted internally for an easy launch 6. Minimum crown thickness for maximum CG 7. 18*, 20*, 23 & 26* Degrees of Loft, Right Hand only

Emc2 Wedges (assembled) $29.99 E21 Scandium Eagle One Alloy Shaft Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip PW(46*), AW(50*), SW(55*), & LW(60*) 17-4 Stainless Steel Head Men's right hand only, Stiff & Regular flex

Emc2 Iron heads (components) $14.99 per head 1. Progressive Offset for Maximum Trajectory 2. CNC milled scorelines control width and depth dimensions 3. High strength steel face plate to increase ball speed 4. Wide sole to get proper launch 5. Hollow design gives more accuracy on off-center hits 6. TPE injected body to dampen vibrations 7. Right Hand only, 2-pw

Follow the link below for a picture of the hybrid and Eagle One Scandium shaft information. It's a great deal on some really nice high end hybrids and irons. To order direct, contact Michael McDevitt, Element 21 Golf, 630.904.5909, or email michael.mcdevitt@e21sports.com

Another Victory for Aldila RIP
  Aldila RIP Golf Shaft
Another great weekend for Clubmaker Report sponsor Aldila. The winner of the PGA Tour McGladrey Classic played a bag full of Aldila shafts with the RIP 70 in his driver, VS Proto in his 3 wood, and VS Proto 95 in his hybrid

I've updated my launch and spin chart at http://www.clubmaker-online.com/products/aldila.launch.html to include the new RIP . It's a nice chart showing how each piece of the Aldila shaft puzzle fits in comparison to one another. Looks like the RIP fits in the low spin/mid-low launch zone, great for you heavy hitters and rainmakers looking to bring your ball trajectory down a bit.

I specialize in Taylormade and R9 reshafts (including the latest models) and I suggest the Aldila RIP for most of my clients. I use a high quality aftermarket sleeve and your new shaft will arrive ready to be installed in your R9. Email me at jhm@clubmaker-online.com for a price quote.

The RIP is also available as a component and I'd like to offer free shipping to celebrate their latest PGA Tour victory!

Hot Shots
Super secret shaft from Fuji coming November 1 called the Blur. Watch for more information here at The Clubmaker Report.

The next generation Mitsubishi Whiteboard is called the 'ahina. It's shipping in a few days, send me a note for a price quote installed in your R9. The 'ahina joins the 'ilima and Kai'li (2nd gen Redboard and Blueboard). The 'ilima was used by the winner of last weekends Champions Tour Senior Players Championship. In both his driver and fairway.

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