August 2010 The Clubmaker Report
Brought to you by the new Aldila RIP
Aldila RIP-Free Shipping
  Aldila RIP Golf Shaft
The new Aldila RIP shaft is now shipping. The RIP has been tearing it up on the PGA Tour since it's Tour introduction last year. I had a chance to hit it yesterday in my R9 and had my best driving day of 2010. I struggled with it last week at the range but I built it to 46" to experiment with a longer length. I cut it down to 45" and I had some of my longest drives of the year but I was especially straight. Not typical for me. I've updated my launch and spin chart at to include the new RIP . It's a nice chart showing how each piece of the Aldila shaft puzzle fits in comparison to one another. Looks like the RIP fits in the low spin/mid-low launch zone, great for you heavy hitters and rainmakers looking to bring your ball trajectory down a bit. I should have some technical information from Aldila's tech/shaft design guru on exactly what makes the RIP tick for all of you that enjoy the gory details on this sort of thing.

I've updated my launch and spin chart at to include the new RIP . It's a nice chart showing how each piece of the Aldila shaft puzzle fits in comparison to one another. Looks like the RIP fits in the low spin/mid-low launch zone, great for you heavy hitters and rainmakers looking to bring your ball trajectory down a bit.

I specialize in Taylormade and R9 reshafts (including the latest models). I use a high quality aftermarket sleeve and your new shaft will arrive ready to be installed in your R9. Send me a note for a price quote.

I designed a protective Iphone Skin using the RIP Skull and Crossbones. I'll give a freebie RIPSkin (fits Iphone 3G/3GS, other models to come) for the first dozen RIP orders along with free shipping to lower 48. I'll also pass along a nifty RIP wallpaper for you Iphone/Ipad.

New Cheapo Depot Equipment Report
I receive a lot of correspondence from equipment companies, retailers, and others looking to clear out overstocked golf equipment at super low prices.

I've decided to do a supplement to The Clubmaker Report called The Cheapo Depot. I typically send the Clubmaker Report out once a week on Tuesdays and the new Cheapo Depot will be an additional email to those interested in receiving news on clearance priced golf equipment direct from some of the larger companies that handle overstock items.

To receive the Cheapo Depot supplement, simply update your profile using the link at the bottom of this email. Here are the steps, it only takes a minute or two: 1. Click "Update Profile/Email Address" at the bottom of this email. 2. You'll be taken to a screen that reads "Update your Clubmaker Online Profile" . Click the "Submit" button. 3. For security, you'll receive an email with a link to take you to your personal profile page. 4. Click on the link. You'll arrive at your personal profile page. Check Cheapo Depot and submit and you're all set. You'll receive your weekly Clubmaker Report early in the week as usual, and whenever I have overstock and clearance specials, I'll send out a separate email later in the week with the Cheapo Depot specials.

Send me a note if you're having trouble updating your profile and I'd be happy to update it for you.

New Senior Driver
I'm working on the design of a new senior driver that some of you may be interested in.

I found a company that will do a high quality cast clubhead that I'll be using for my assembled senior longdrive club. It's going to be lightweight at 193-195g, a bit flatter lie at 58 deg, and with a super hi-cor face (non-conforming) for added distance for drivers with slower swingspeeds. This manufacturing company does premium drivers and irons for some of the high end Japanese golf companies.

I've got a sample coming in about a month and the head probably won't ship for two or three months. If interested, send me a quick note and I'll email you details and special pre-order pricing when the time comes.

Skins Leather Headcovers
  Skins Leather Headcovers
I've added a short video to my site that shows some detail to the Skins leather headcovers I've been offering since the late 90's. Skins distinctive headcovers are made from a supple top grain cowhide. This leather is the same used in leather garments so they combine a soft feel with leathers' durability. They are lined with a thick polyester pile to further protect your clubs. The numbers are raised embossed on the top of the headcover and the seams are top-stitched on each side for a classic look.

They're available in black, red, shoe brown, bomber jacket brown, white, and black & white. There's a longneck model with a sock/shaft protector and a all leather clubglove. The Clubglove design is nice because you can easily slide the cover on and off the clubhead without struggling with it. Especially nice after you've 4 putted and are in no mood to be fiddling with a headcover. Skins makes the individual orders for me and ships them all at once, please allow about 3 weeks for delivery.

Hot Shots
Another big week for Graphite Design on Tour. The winner of the Barclays got a nice start in the Fed Ex cup chase using Graphite Design Tour AD MD in his driver and fairway woods. Same shaft was used earlier in the year by a LPGA event winner. Low/Mid spin, Mid launch, mid kick 3.5 torque (higher in the lightweight models, lower in the heavier designs). Available in a MD5, 6, 7, or 8 and premium priced at $330. The Barclays winner was also sporting an Aldila NV in his hybrid and played Fourteen Golf 4 iron hybrid and 60 wedge. Send me a note if you'd like to talk about any of these products.

The winner of the Japan PGA Tour was also using Graphite Design (a Prototype and TourAD EV). The Euro Champ played the Project X wood in his driver, fairway and hybrid.

Yes! Golf reports a second straight week of victories on the European Tour. The winner of the Johnnie Walker event in Scotland marked the 2nd straight week that the winner used Yes! putters. Last week, the winner of (Mollie) the Czech Open used one of their Mollie models and the Johnnie Walker winner used a Callie. Watch for a lot of Yes! putters during the upcoming Ryder Cup. I carry the entire line of Yes! putters, send me a note for a price quote.

Clubmaker Online sponsor Roy Nix of the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals has been busy organizing this years Roundtable and convention. Tom Wishon is the Keynote speaker and they're promising quite a lineup of speakers, classes and equipment companies in Columbus GA September 29 through October 2, 2010.

Roundtable Education Conference and Convention classes are certified by the PGA of America for MSR Credits for PGA Professionals. To learn more about the AGCP or to become a Member call 706.324.7490 or visit 


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