August 2010 The Clubmaker Report
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Aldila RIP Now Shipping
The new Aldila RIP shaft is now shipping. I ordered one last week to try out in my R9 and I'm anxiously waiting the arrival to add to my arsenal.

The RIP has been tearing it up on the PGA Tour since last year and was in the bag last week (driver and fairway) of the new member of the 59 club (and champ of the Greenbrier Classic).

I've updated my launch and spin chart at . It's a nice chart showing how each piece of the Aldila shaft puzzle fits in comparison to one another. Looks like the RIP fits in the low spin/mid-low launch zone, great for you heavy hitters and rainmakers looking to bring your ball trajectory down a bit.

I designed a protective Iphone Skin using the RIP Skull and Crossbones. I'll give a freebie RIPSkin (fits Iphone 3G/3GS, other models to come) for the first dozen RIP orders along with free shipping to lower 48. I'll also pass along a nifty RIP wallpaper for you Iphone/Ipad.

SK Fiber WedgeForce Drawing
Congrats to JayN Russell, the winner of the first of two wedgforce shafts from SK Fiber. I'll do a drawing for the 2nd shaft next week. Shaft and contest information is below.

Our friends at SK Fiber are excited about their Wedgeforce graphite shaft. They were nice enough to send me a wedgeforce shaft and I thought I do a contest to give one away. It's a great looking shaft with a black chrome paint treatment. It's very low torque and is offered in 100, 110, and 120 gram models (they get stiffer as the weight increases). It's got quite a soft feel for such a low torque shaft. Looking into the tip of the shaft, you'll notice that it's almost solid composite! Here's a little info from SK: The Wedge Force features an innovative new composite mixture that delivers superior strength, soft feel and exceptional oscillation stability. For a chance to win one of the Wedgeforce shafts, follow the link below and read up on the new shaft. Send me a quick email telling me something about the tip section and I'll do a drawing and announce the winner at the Clubmaker Report next week.

SK also has a new premium shaft called the Fury 65. I'll probably use it as an upgrade shaft to my Senior Longdriver...super premium materials and great feel. I'm planning on popping one in my R9 sleeve and giving it a good run through next week.

Hot Shots
The new Radix shaft by Matrix has been flying off the shelves. According to Matrix, they sold something like 1,000 of these blue beauties last month. One of my good customers that has tried about every shaft known to mankind gives the Radix a big thumbs up.

Graphite Design pulls off major championship victories two weeks in a row with the winner of the US Senior Open (and the Senior British Open the week before) playing Graphite Design shafts (the Purple Ice). Their TourAD YSQ line is excellent, with 45/55/65 models, fairway woods, and hybrids. Check them out here and email me for Clubmaker Report pricing.

Project X continues to add to their win count with the winner of the Irish Open playing the Project X wood. If you're counting, that's 10 victories this year for the PX wood including The Open, Memorial, and AT&T.

Senior Longdriver
I sell a decent number of longdrive clubs to competitors. Many go with a Geek Golf clubhead and 50" House of Forged shaft in X/XX/XXX flex.

For the past year or so I've been selling a senior longdrive club for those of us with 'distance issues". I can build this club in about any length up to 48", in A, R, S, or X flex, and in lofts from 4.5 up to 20 degree. You can see, this one isn't just for seniors. It's great to slip in your bag at scramble tournaments and to impress your friends with soaring drives. It's super lightweight (well under 300g) and with a little practice, it's pretty easy to hit.

My buddy and longdrive aficianado Bernie Baymiller has written a great article on what it takes to build and hit a longdriver. We were talking last week about making supersized fairway woods, too (an inch or two oversized). Check it out at the link below, the price is $225 and that includes cutting it back down to a shorter length if you decide 48" isn't for you. You can upgrade to the new SK Fury 65 shaft, total price is $325 with this new premium shaft.

Itomic Golf Grips from Tacky Mac
  Itomic Golf Grips
Tacki Mac's colorful new ITOMIC grips are not like traditional rubber grips. They are made from a proprietary blend of elastomeric materials that are very tacky with a super soft (but firm) feel. This revolutionary blend of thermo-forming materials is both very durable, and high performing in all weather conditions.

ITOMIC grips maintain their tacky feel and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water. The new Itomic grips are available in black, white, red, or blue and in a new wrap style. Follow the link below to order Itomic grips I'm getting great feedback from Clubmaker Report readers on the Itomic grips. My favorite is the standard Itomic (non-wrap) in white. Give them a try!


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